Shot to the Ribs


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Aug 28, 2005
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Hey fellas..
I got smoked in the ribs sparring a 200lb guy who hits like he's 250 on Thursday. I could have sworn my ribs were broken as I couldn't breathe or walk, etc. I heard a crack, and I hit the ground like a sack of shit and still am very sore today. Anyways, got the ribs checked out, and nothing was broken. The doctor told me that I have some muscle tearing in the rib area where the ribs attach to the sternum I guess. He hit me in the front of the ribs, on the left side, solid. I weigh 164.

The problem is that I have a fight on friday, and I can't do much right now. My coach told me to use heat, etc. Rest, don't train before the fight, and do only light cardio. Sounds good, but I am a little concerned, because there is no way in hell I could fight effectively feeling like this. Can't move effectively, or even breathe hard.

Anyone else had this problem? what did you do...I don't know if I got bruised ribs, or muscle tears, or what, but this is horseshit.
it sounds like a badly bruised rib. But if your doctor says it's a muscle tear, than it's a muscle tear. If you're not able to move, don't fight. Sounds like someone should have managed your training better. Sticking you in with someone a few weight classes above you, who's going hard. Not smart.
if you are going to fight, don't tell too many people you are hurt and don't give the fighter any signs
the thing is, he wasn't going hard...he wasn't trying to. He jabbed me up top so I blocked it, then stepped in and right-crossed me to the ribs, I think the reason he got me like that was he stepped in when punching, but he didn't hit me full power. He's just bigger and strong, and hits hard naturally. We are a small club, and he's fighting on the same card as me, so there wasn't anyone else available to spar with me that day. I am planning on fighting still, I don't want to pussy out, I sure as hell am ready to deal with a 160lb fighters power anyway.
Ice for 72 hours, heat after that, Ibuprofin, if your DR. didn't give you an anti-inflamatory. Torn muscles heal pretty fast, but cracked cartilage in the ribs will hurt for months, even if nothing broke. Be careful. Most carreer-ending injuries don't happen all at once, but when somebody doesn't lay off an injury.