shocking stance!



Had MT last night and it was sparring!
when they other guy threw his bombs i was leaning back and covering up!
So need to try to avoid leaning back or hop my feet back to an upright position again..

other prob is i tend to bounce when sparing.. and jump side to side and so on...
should i be more still and step left or right? or slight V shaped!???
always seem to have my legs so far apart!!!..

footwork need desperate help sorting out..
Side step and never step back (switch back to avoid a thigh kick if you don't tend to check, which is what I do)

When I went to thailand they drilled in leaning back to avoid single shots (ie right hand, round house). For singles its fine, but for combos where the guy advances your at a major disadvantage.

Are you flinching (ie blinking while your covering up). It could be why your covering up more then anything, because your nervous about getting hit. The constantly jumping around thing also makes me think your nervous.
erm... wouldnt say nervous.... I tend to bounce as i think subconsciously i am like a boxer.. and moving keeps the other guy on his toes with me moving and bouncing left or right ...

i cover up and tend to be slow at reacting to it and then hes back out and thinking of his next attack..
and it doesnt help i lean back making it even more harder for me to do aything like get in close and knee the guy! what type of attack can i do when he comes in.. show i cover u then throw a hook then step out and kick or right hand shot followed by a left kick!??..

so bob the upper half and then move to the side .. left or right with no more than a shoulders with step or off balance and to streched to do anyhting!?

were do u train Ian?
Minotaur gym out of watford. You might have heard of us, we've got a few champs and gold winners of the thai games last year.

Your MT I assume. What you should never do when kicks are involved is bounce, just doesn't work. If they have good explosive speed and cover the range while your bouncing your screwed because you'll be off footed and 1 thigh kick, even not very good, will most likey drop you and/or set you up for ahard combo.
When I say lean back, I mean like 2-3 inches and this is like I stressed for the power shots that the thai boys like to throw (ie hard round house). Combos it can mean your leaning back as another shot comes in and then your put on the back foot and problems ensue.
Sounds like you need reactive drill work/spar fast peope to think fast, raises your game.

Personally when I spar I never really cover up, I use my foot work so they don't get in too close (although because of my size and weight I like to get in close myself and control the pace) and bob and weave like a bitch when in there (from the knees and legs, never the waist btw). When you go by the waist, you can't load your feet up and your generally off balance and can't react because the weights off centre.
think i need to put some extra hours of shadow boxing in to get my footwork going and mix up the combos and so on... then i guess its all about building the reaction time up...

yea heard of your club .. didnt know a thai games even existed!....
the best rule to remember is to circle away from their power hand if u are a counter puncher.
i have almost the exact same problem, although i know for me its a fear of getting hit and flinching. does anyone know how i can tackle this? because i really enjoy MT, but i just cant stop flinching and closing my eyes when a hit is coming