ShoBox: Ramos vs Rios January 11


Mundo Hispano FECARBOX Champion
Oct 12, 2009
Reaction score
10 rounds vacant NABF FW title-

Rico Ramos (21-1, 11 KO's)


Ronny Rios (19-0, 9 KO's)
10 rounds BW-

Randy Caballero (17-0, 9 KO's)


Luis Maldonado (36-10, 27 KO's)

Daquan Arnett vs. Brandon Quarles, 8 rounds, JMW.
Dominic Breazeale vs. Caleb Grummet, 4 rounds, HW.
Ronny Rios 125.4 vs. Rico Ramos 125.4
(NABF featherweight title)

Daquan Arnett 15.8 vs. Brandon Quarles 153.2
Randy Caballero 121 vs. Luis Maldonado 121.6
Dominic Breazeale 252 vs. Caleb Grummet 210.6
I've never seen Ronny Rios fight, somehow he's a big favorite against Rico Ramos. Rico Ramos is ranked no.10 by boxrec and Rios is ranked no.50 yet he's a pretty big favorite... shows how credible boxrec is lol..

I thought Rico Ramos was always overrated and not that good at all. Looks like the oddsmakers think so as well.
I'm having trouble remembering who Ronnie Rios is.
This is going to be a fun fight. I gave that round to arnet based on work rate but it was close could of gone either way.
I got Rios here. Never thought much of Ramos tbh.
What the mouthpiece?
Uneventful round, Ramos did more.
I thought Rios was more busy in the first.

1-0 Rios.
Rios got that nasty hook to the body going last round. Ramos needs to let his hands go more
Just tuning in. I hear they're not too happy with Ramos which is none too surprising.
lol yeah he's got issues with workrate and he looks a lttle confused in there
Ramos didn't actually look that bad in that round. I know very little about Rios other than he was a decent amateur.
got it 4-1 rios atm. though ramos had a good round last one out
Rios looks alright. Nothing extraordinary but he seems good enough to beat Ramos. Ramos is aimless.
Thought Ramos might've taken that last one. Ronny didn't do much of anything last round