shins hurts after running, why?


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Oct 8, 2002
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so i went running the other day and after my shins hurt really bad. they still hurt today a day later and they feel like they are bruised. is there a reason for this? i stretch and everything before i run, but i can't figure it out. this isn't the first time they have hurt after i run either. any thoughts?
Probably a case of shin splints.
Yep, it sounds exactly like shin splints.

Here's the technical definition so you know whats going on:

Shin splints are an inflammation of the thin layer of tissue that covers the bone (periosteum). The bone tissue itself is also involved. This can be seen on bone scan examinations. The muscles that attach to the shinbone through the periosteum are the part of the shin that hurts. These are the soleus muscle (an ankle flexor important in pushing off the foot) and the deeper of the two toe flexors (flexor digitorum longus).

As far as healing/ preventing them - first thing is take a break for about 3 weeks from running to let things heal. Switch to swimming or biking for a while for your cardio instead.

As far as preventing them from recurring - you'll need to both exercise and stretch the muscles that run down the front of your shin. There is a specific piece of equipment I bought called a DARD from health for life for doing that (basically a metal frame that holds weights on the front, you put your feet in on both sides and then pull your feet up and down via that front shin muscle).

You can buy it from here:

However, there are some exercises you can do at home with no equipment shown here:,1801,HGTV_3145_1387475,00.html

Basically, by bulking up the muscle in the front of your shin, you can help support things better and prevent the shin splints from recurring in the future.

Hope that helps!
Yea I got shin splints too when I started but I just pushed though it and now they dont hurt that much anymore. You just got to build up the muscle really.
Be careful pushing thru it because that can produce stress fractures which are miniscule hairline fractures thru-out your shin bone.
Pale1 said:
Be careful pushing thru it because that can produce stress fractures which are miniscule hairline fractures thru-out your shin bone.

Listen to this advice. Stress fractures are hard to identify until they turn into a problem. Your best bet is to rest and make sure there is adequate recovery between workouts. If you are just now beginning a running program, you should take it easy and build up your duration/intensity over a period of time. Your body needs to adapt to the demands being placed on it and your pain is a result of a workload your body isn't used to.

Also the term "shin splints" isn't a name for one specific condition. It's a general term used for two or three different conditions associated with pain in the lower extremity. I don't have my athletic training books on hand at this moment, but if you want more info I can post it later.
Shit, I have shin splints. Left shin. YO, this sucks. Haha.
shin splint is probably the thing yeah I've had it myelf too

I don't know with wich shoes you run but these sometimes have to do with your shin splints
it is something that heals verry slowly
you have several degrees :
1st is just pain after training
2nd is pain after and before training(warming up) but once warmed up no more pain
3d is pain all the time

try not to jump up during training because this is really bad!!
the first two will heal with enough rest and lighter training, try to lay ice on your shin for ten minutes two times a day and use something like voltaren(if they sell it where you live)
the third is a little shittier, if you have this one take enough rest and if it doesnt go away and still hurts really bad you should go see a doctor, they can give a shot of cortisone(don't do it too soon bevause it isn't quite healthy) this will take away the pain but you will need a lot of rest then
Thanks for the info... I needed it as well. I've tried to push through the shin splints pain over the last few days and now my shins hurt all the time, even when I'm sitting, and this is after about two days of doing nothing, so would a cortisone shot really be worth the trouble of seeing my doctor?
Also use stuff like Cryogel This stuff really is a must for guys that train seriously. It dosent just mask the pain but really helps heal your muscles and such. I use it all the time, especally when I started training hard and running alot. My shins love me for it.
Dont forget to bye proper running shoes that suits your running style AND never run on tarmac...Having good shoes makes a big difference.
Had shin splints for 10 month, but its finally gone now, helped to loose some weight to (lost 10 kg) But thats only a solution if your kinda fat and chubby. :D
thanks for all the info guys. i have been pretty active my whole life as far as athletics go, but i just really started running on a regular basis a little bit and thats when they started to hurt. as far as running shoes i have come nike cross-training or running shoes. they should be fine and they are in good conidtion too. hopefully over time it'll slowly go away. thanks again for the info guys. much appreciated.
I got those one time. During my freshman year of football offseason we had to run a lot. After the 2nd week they started hurting like hell, but I couldn't just stop doing it because I didn't want the coaches to think I was a pussy. I just kept pushing through it, and then we took a couple of weeks off for our christmas break. After that they were fine, and never bothered me again. I never started stretching my shins, icing/heating them, doing exercises, they just went away. So I don't know if this is good advice or not, but if you work through it for a couple months, then take 2-3 weeks off, you might never get them again. I'm not a doctor, and I will admit that I don't know shit about this kind of thing, but this is how it worked for me.
Shin splints were a big problem in my USMC boot camp platoon. Our DIs told us to repeatedly flex your foot/toes upward to strengthen the muscles. Do it over and over. It worked...
I used to get them heaps, and it used to really throw my training off when I couldn't run. I did two things at first changed my running shoes and tried running on grass more than the pavement. To be honest these two things didn't help that much.

I then found an article in runners world magazine that said you need to train the muscles in the front of the shin. I did some weighted toe raises (just rigged something up at home) three times a week. When I went back to running I found the situation much improved. I do them now after each run and I hardly feel anything. I'm back to running on pavement and even sprinting (which I could never do before because of the force of hitting the ground).

The article also said a reduction in bodyweight helps, but hey, that's not going to be pactical if you're carrying lots of muscle as opposed to bf.
I always get them when away from running for a while and then getting back into it. After 2-3 weeks they go away completely.

Sometimes shitty shoes will cause pain in your shins, and in other areas too.

My advice? Keep running and spend some good money on the shoes brother.
Pay money for really good shoes. Start slow to build endurance. Do not run for a very long period right away, build up to it.

I had shin splints once and they developed because I had more cardio than I had muscle endurance. Some people who are in OK shape can run for a very long time but the legs have to be conditioned to it.
Don't warm up with a slow jog, worst thing. You need to keep a good gait when you run. Walk for a warm up then run
Stretch the back of your calves like crazy a couple times a day, Hold it for over a minute.
Ice the front of your shins when your done.