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Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by ganon, Jul 1, 2010.

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    I need to get a pair of shin guards soon and have pretty much decided on fairtex but I'm not sure how the sizing works. Does the sizing have anything to do with the size of your calf muscle or is it based solely on the length of your shin? I'm 6 3 and 170 so I'm wondering if I get the ones they say to get based on how tall you are they going to slide around alot on my legs. thanks
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    That sizing may not be correct due to your height / weight. If you call and talk to "Nissa" at, I am sure that she can help you out. It may help to have your measurments from the top of your instep to the small bumpy bone below your knee cap. Or your ankle bone to that small bump below your knee cap, measured vertically along the front of your shin.

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    I was goin to post my own shin pad question but I will just use your thread...

    I see a lot of different brands from fairtex to UFC to title to combat.......and I am wondering which ones people like the most?

    I want ones that arent going to slide around when I get sweaty....but I also have chicken legs so I need ones that will hold securely around my calves!

    I have been training for a long time with the same ones but now that they make thinner ones I am going to trade up. When I first started we were using the foam ones (like in the movie best of the best haha) then I started using the style I have now (seperate shin and boots) but I dont know much about the new ones. Everyone I train with just buys the Gracie Barra ones but I feel like there are better ones out there.

    THe UFC ones must be great! THey dont put their name on shit and they must be tested in battle. THoughts?
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    I used to have a pair of Fairtex traditional shinguards. The sizing does take both measurements into account.

    You're 6'3", so size XL is the right length for you (I'm 6'0" and I wore size L). However, because you only weigh 170 it will be difficult to get them tight enough, and you're going to have a lot of excess strap flapping around unless you tape it down. Maybe another tall guy can recommend a better choice for you.
  5. Ryukyu Damashi

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    One of my fighters is the same size as you and I bought him large comp fairtex shins and they fit perfect.

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