Sherpology: Bullying At Work V2

Discussion in 'Mayberry Lounge' started by Hatestorm, Dec 29, 2016.

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    If you click on the link below(we'll call it exhibit A(IDS)) you can see me launch a big parcel of jizz over your fence to come crashing down all over your property in true Yodel fashion. Please find enclosed traces of fecal matter as well :)

    The first thing i will say(technically the second thing) is don't do things when you're drunk. No, i didn't get raped and no i'm not making excuses for drunk drivers etc. It's still their actions at the end of the day, so send them to Bubba for some luvin'. I'll try not to post on Sherdog drunk in the future. At least not that drunk and in that frame of mind.

    The second thing i'll say is that i don't work at McDonalds or any other fast food outlet. I do work for a company that deals primarily in food, however. So you were half right.

    The rundown(also TL;DR) is this,
    • We get extra busy around certain times of the year
    • We get extra extra busy around Christmas therefore we recruit temporary staff
    • More often than not these people are linked to someone who works here
    • More more often than not they suck but they're even more difficult to get rid of than the people who've been here for years(because of their connections)
    • On rare occasions you get a good temp you'd trade a testicle for
    • This year we got a good temp i'd trade a testicle for
    • We also got a bad temp i'd trade a testicle for their severed head
    • The bad temp made things miserable for the good temp and it was difficult to get rid of the bad temp
    • Even though the bad temp was fucked off in the end i still feel bad about the good temp being bullied to that extent
    We had our annual delivery of temps at work. I saw Bad Temp and hated him instantly. We also had Good Temp who i liked as soon as i met him. If you knew the sort of people i had to deal with day to day, you would understand my relief and why i took to him. This was someone i could be around where i didn't need to be on the defensive and i didn't have to worry about him messing around as he was enthusiastic about getting things done and acted on intuition. As wonderful as Good Temp was, his problem was that he couldn't deal with being belittled, mocked and trampled on in the way that someone like Bad Temp could do to him.

    To be fair, Good Temp held his own when there was no underlining malice in the banter and put downs being directed towards him. While the atmosphere and the behaviour of others does grate on you, this is a pretty easy place to work if you know how to handle yourself, because even then the worst of the worst know where the line is. Good Temp fit in well for the short time he was here, and didn't take too much to heart. Bad Temp was on another level of shittery though and thrived on stepping on others, and Good Temp didn't know how to deal with it like the rest of us do and have learned to. Not to this extent. Good Temp became the main target for Bad Temp.

    It was only when i had a weeping young man to present to my superiors was action actually taken and the trash(Bad Temp) was finally taken out. Me feeling genuine sadness for another human being is one thing, but my boss of bosses cussing and calling someone(Bad Temp) a bastard is another. I rarely get sad or feel anything about anything. My boss of bosses never swears. Perhaps he felt worse than i do.

    In the aftermath Good Temp had confided in me that he had suffered from depression from when he was a child and his accepting the job here was one of the steps he had taken to build his self esteem. I rolled up my sleeves and showed him the state of my arms to let him know he wasn't alone(most people will never understand why i wear long sleeves in summer). At least Good Temp was prepared to stay and did a great job in the end. Got himself some good references for his next job and maybe learned to handle himself a bit better, i hope. He knows what to expect now anyway.

    I attempted to cover this in post #1 of exhibit A(IDS) by trying to be funny at the same time as i was genuinely upset and angry and therefore we got exhibit A(IDS). However, exhibit A(IDS) does give you some idea of how it was. While it can't be read with sober eyes the point was simple. I failed miserably in my duties and someone who didn't deserve to suffer did so. I told them i failed them, but thankfully they don't hold it against me. We even became friends on steam :)

    Still, i've been overwhelmed with guilt as a result. For someone who doesn't really experience emotion and is a pessimist and degenerate to begin with, this has been quite an experience for me. The past is the past and the dust has settled, yet someone who feels nothing(me) is still upset even though things worked out in the end. I'm not the only one at work who felt like a letdown, and i had to reassure my colleague that their hands were bound just as tightly as mine were. We're just used to people being able to deal with confrontation themselves or at least learning to do so, we forget sometimes that some people aren't made for conflict and need protection.

    The thing is, i don't know what i could've done. I know how to take out the trash, and i've never hesitated in doing so. Anything other dismissal and Bad Temp would've treated Good Temp like a grass. Perhaps even turned others against him as a result. Sadly, it appeared that Bad Temp was here to stay, and when i voiced my concerns the first time, i was sat the fuck down. Bad Temp was related to someone above me, so that was that. Things needed to escalate before they could be resolved.

    The point of the thread was supposed to be asking for advice on how i could've done things differently and prevented things from happening this way. I know this was pointless because a solution was never going to present itself until things had gone the way they did and everyone including the higher ups realized that things had gone too far.

    "Look what's happened." "Now, what are you going to do about it?".

    Ultimately, i wouldn't have posted any of this if i didn't like coming here or thought little of the people here. I also wouldn't be trying to explain myself, my actions and where i was coming from if i didn't like Sherdog. Of all the discussion forums i've frequented this is the only i've made the effort of being a part of, and that's because of the people here. When i read over the thread in the morning and saw genuine distain from sherdoggers i actually like, it underlined what a steaming heap i had been.

    @Lucifer Alpha @Pixelated Porn @AGGAMEMNON66 @ObsoleteSoul @Reyesnuthugr @AmbivalenceKing @Matt M @irish_thug @RhinoRush @Cool Hand Luke @Chesten_Hesten @Charles Manson

    It would be easy to stop posting here and join [insert lame forum here] but there's something nice about coming home from work to say "yeah yeah he'll tap to strikes in the first" or give a like to a gif of big, black, bouncing ass cheeks.

    It's not my style to apologize, so i'll present you with this gif of a thai ladyboy's flaring anus instead,

    Just kidding. I'm sorry.

    Hopefully, this has provided you with a better worded explanation of what happened that ruined the festive season for me and a sincere apology. I would also like to share a nice gif of bouncing tits as well,


    Not kidding. Enjoy.

    P.S. Fuck 2016

    P.P.S. I feel like i've turned over a new leaf so maybe a mod can change my username to Lovestorm
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    I'm not reading this novel unless the ending is a troll. I at least need to laugh for my troubles.
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    I can't believe you started another thread after your previous cancer ridden train wreck, it's no wonder you're struggling to manage your staff, if you even have any and aren't lying.

    Fuck off you loser.
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    There is no way i'm reading all that shit.
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    you start off with this drivel and expect anyone to read the rest? And you're a leader of men?

    fuck outta here.
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    Wtf is going on in here
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    TS apologizing:
    • bad (alpha) temp worker smelled weakness in beta (good) temp and went to town on him
    • Bad temp got canned
    • TS feels wierd that the top dir. swears
    • Good temp confides in TS about depression, TS memberberries it
    • Goes off with words of wisdom at the end
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    Seriously I'm not reading all this shit. It's damn near midnight and my eyes are in squinty mode
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    Not reading that self-obsessed nonsense.

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