sherk warming up - grappling video.

Yeah, that's Swick he rollng with, Sherk looks sharp. And Ripped to the bone.
Thanks for posting so many quality vids lately J.O'B.

Looks like Sherk was just kinda' rolling there for a bit until Swickalmost got a triangle on him. Then when he got out he just busted out and showed Swick that there was only one Alpha male on the b.s.
i thought swick looked good...kimura escape which i liked...he had a pretty easy side mount escape which i didnt expect...and basically had a pretty sure he wasnt trying to lock it in either, but tryin to get sherk through the proper escapes
Damn. I'm impressed with both of be honest, especially with Swick. Nice kimura out then escape from X sides bottom along with a triangle attempt.

Sherk...he's a big dude. Nice grappling on both parts.
how quick is sherks guard passing! holy shit talk bout explosive. looks 2 me he got pissed off there as well , wanted to prove his dominance after that triangle:)
nice clip, he really looks ready for a fight. :D
Very impressive but that triangle (while it was set up very nicely) was not even close. The Key Lock escape was amazing.

Edit: I watched again and remembered how impressive Sherk's reversal from butterfly guard was...just a little kick with the right leg and he's back on his feet to utilize his wrestling.
My instructor rolled with sherk a couple weeks ago and said Sherk is incredible. He told me that sherk is so strong he kind of imposes his will on you, if he wants to pass your guard then hes gonna do it. He also said Sherk is like velcro. My instructor is one of the lead associate instructors under Erik paulson on Combat Submission Wrestling so hes not a pushover. He mauls everybody he rolls with so I cant imagine how good sherk must be, but Im excited to see it tonight.
thanks for the video, sherks looks good, this is gonna be a great fight
Damn. All I can say is that those guys would rip me a new asshole in 2 seconds flat.