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    Sherdog User Rules (01-26-2003 until 12-31-2010)
    Welcome! Sherdog is a private forum so posting is a priviledge, not a right. All rules are subjective to administrative interpretation.

    NOTE: ALL FORUMS are bound by the user rules found at the top of the main page, which I have linked for your convenience below.
    Sherdog Mixed Martial Arts Forums - Forum Rules

    Yellow Cards last 14 days and are warnings for minor infractions such as profanity in the thread titles.

    Double Yellows last 30 days. Members lose many posting abilities. Infractions while carded = ban.

    Double Yellow Infractions

    1 - Fighter Bashing (this goes for refs, promoters, etc. as well). Criticism is fine, "flaming" isn't

    2 - Posting a private conversation without consent

    3 - Hateful comments (some leniency given to Off-Topic)

    4 - Postwhoring (posting "+1", "...", "too long didn't read", etc.- & postcount reduced)

    5 - Posting/soliciting video clips of events recently shown on PPV

    6 - Copyright infringement. Ex: If a site posts an interview, post a link don't cut and paste

    Ban Infractions

    1 - Tape trading/selling

    2 - Using an alternate account while carded

    3 - Trolling (posting ridiculous/racist/graphic/pornographic comments, images or links)

    4 - Posting fight spoilers outside the spoiler forum (shows on tape delay IN THE USA)

    Announcements will be made if and when any rules are changed or updated.
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