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Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by Drunken Meat Fist, Aug 7, 2002.

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  1. Drunken Meat Fist Veni Veni Veni Senior Administrator

    Dec 18, 2001
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    On the wings of a snow white dove
    Welcome! Sherdog is a private forum so posting is a privilege, not a right. All rules are subjective to administrative interpretation.

    Double Yellow: last 30 days. Members lose many posting abilities, including being prevented from accessing the Off Topic and Platinum forums. Any infractions while carded may result in a ban.

    Double Yellow Infractions

    1. Fighter Bashing (including a fighter's girlfriend/wife/family member(s)/loved ones, refs, promoters and the like). Criticism is fine; flaming is not. No insults (calling fighters cans, chumps, scrubs, etc.). Please note that an unsubstantiated accusation of steroids and PEDs is fighter bashing. In regards to female fighters, posting inappropriate, sexual or graphic comments is considered trolling and fighter bashing.

    2. Flaming Comments ("Shut up, jackass," "Screw you, Dick," etc.).

    3. Postwhoring/empty posting. Posting +1, empty quotes, too long/didn't read, rickson by armbar, "huge if true," pic-whoring, etc. will result in cards and postcount reduction, and if it's more than a few, or a pattern, it will result in a ban.

    4. Scrollbombs, oversized pics or posts that distort, interfere or cause problems with a thread.

    5. Posting/soliciting video clips of events recently shown on ppv.

    6. No bareass, or graphic sexual poses, avatars included.

    7. Copyright infringement. Ex: If a site posts an interview, post a link, don't cut and paste the entire article. Posting and requesting illegal streams may be met with a ban.

    8. Posting a thread in the wrong forum, "dubs" may be given out depending on the context of the situation. Please refrain from making Bellator vs UFC threads in the UFC forum, those threads go in the Wasteland forum. Also, post Bellator threads in the Worldwide forum.

    9. Profanity in thread titles. Don't use profanity (Fuck, shit, etc.) in thread titles as these may appear on the front page under the Forum Threads section of Sherdog's main page.

    10. Circumventing the word filter. Using alternative letters, numbers, symbols, spaces, fonts, etc, in a word to prevent it from being censored by the word filter. Posting pictures with banned words on them also counts as circumventing the word filter.


    1. Hateful/Inappropriate Comments. "Shut up ***," "Fuck you, Newb," etc.

    2. Member Harassment, including pms, threats.

    3. Tape trading/selling/spam.

    4. Registering or using an alternate account while carded.

    5. Orchestrating forum raids.

    6. Posting a private conversation or personal information without consent.

    7. Trolling (posting ridiculous/racist/disturbing/pornographic comments, images or links.)

    8. Porn (Posting, Quoting or Soliciting pornographic images or links). This means:
    No rape threads/posts/images
    No shit threads/posts/images
    No bestiality thread/posts/images
    No gross-out threads/post/images
    No sexually graphic threads/posts/images
    No incest/pedophile threads/posts/images

    Once you're banned do not try to re-register by purchasing a Platinum account, the account will be banned and the money forfeit.

    Additional Rules, clarifications and guides are listed below. Please read threads stuck at the top of the subforums before posting in them. Rules are occasionally updated, please pay attention to any stickies and when in doubt, reread this thread for updates.

    ------------------ALSO REGARDING PORN------------------

    ******NOTE-Quoting, encouraging, promoting, celebrating, responding to/t-ing a pornographic thread is keeping the thread alive and will result in a similar ban infraction for any and all involved, regardless of joindate, status, postcount, or Platinum membership. And there are NO refunds given to anyone with a banned Platinum status. The money is forfeited.******

    ****NOTE**** -We're only interested in what happens regarding the website, if your brother, ex-girlfriend, asshole roommate gets into your account and posts infractions, the account will take the bullet regardless.

    If you see a thread getting out of hand or is blatantly inappropriate, please use the report a post function or pm a moderator and it will be taken care of.

    Thanks, and enjoy the forums.
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  2. Cool Hand Luke Shit-Coin Master Pink

    Apr 12, 2007
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    Red, White & Blue too
    There has been quite a bit of confusion as to what is allowed concerning the posting of pictures and gifs.

    Apart from the sites rules and regulations that apply to all the subforums here, namely Rules & FAQs, the following are examples of type of pics/gifs/vids NOT to be posted.

    - Pics/gifs/vids with links to sites with pornographic content. Visible urls to porn/nude sites are not allowed in posts or quotes. Repeated violations of this rule will lead to dubs and bans. If you have questions as to which sites are not allowed, simply PM a moderator.
    - Pictures/gifs/vids that leave nothing to the imagination i.e. close up crotch shots/camel toe/graphic poses
    - Giant pictures

    Double Yellow
    - Bare Ass
    - Painted Nudes
    - Requesting nudes (Yellow Monday anyone?)
    - Avatars with Bare Ass
    - Street Fight/Beat down videos
    - Oversize pictures
    - Graphic Sexual Posting - enjoy the pics but keep the color commentary to yourselves.

    Automatic Ban
    - Nudity/Porn
    - Nipples
    - Rape threads/posts/images
    - Shit related threads/posts/images
    - Beastiality threads/posts/images
    - Underage/pedophile/incest threads/posts/images
    - Grossout threads/posts/images

    Excessive pic quoting and turning the thread into a chat forum should be avoided.

    Lastly, all threads will be closed after 1,000 posts. If it is a reoccurring thread, then simply Link the previous thread(s) in the new threads OP.

    For tips on how to embed multimedia, see this thread -

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to PM myself or any of the moderators.

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  3. BAM Sweetheart

    Aug 13, 2006
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    MMA topics that do not fit into the main fight subforms are redirected to The Wasteland for further discussion. Please note that this is not a demotion, rather just the more appropriate forum. However, posts will not go towards your total posts tally in the Wasteland.

    types of threads that get moved there

    1. Pound for Pound rankings
    2. Rankings threads
    3. "I just bet x amount of dollars on fighter y for card z" - There will be a single thread for these in the fight forums
    4. Professional wrestling
    5. Joke threads - (GSP should grow a moustache; Fedor has subbed a bear)
    6. Cross promotional matchmaking (Aoki v Edgar - who wins?)
    7. Cross weight class or gender matchmaking (Jon Jones v GSP who wins?)
    8. Rehashed topic - one that has been covered to death
    9. Chat threads - including 'warwagons'
    10. Moderator discretion - a moderator may remove a thread that he feels is unnecessary or disruptive to the subforum.

    Note that if a moderator has noticed numerous joke threads in that poster's post history and/or that a poster has repeatedly made threads in the wrong forum, he may administer an infraction or warning at his discretion.

    Due to the volume of threads that flow through the site, be aware that a moderator may not have time to message you about your moved or deleted thread. If you have a question please direct your query to the support forum thread -

    Note that the support thread is for questions and explanations only, not a rant thread for the disgruntled - rude, abusive and trolling posts will receive infractions

    Cheers and enjoy the site
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  4. Det Kimble <img src="

    Aug 20, 2007
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    Although P&M's rules are straightforward, I realize it is very easy to break rules without realizing it. I am making this thread to offer some helpful tips to avoid getting into trouble when posting pics in the forums.

    Some things to consider before posting a pic:

    Does the website allow hotlinking?

    Often, websites do not want people to hotlink images. The image will change to something different when you go to link it to another website. In some cases, people will use porn as the alternate image. If you are not 100% sure that the website allows hotlinking, do not link pics directly from said website. Upload it to a trusted image hosting site, such as imgur, tinypic, imageshack, photobucket, etc.

    Dubious watermarks - What are they?

    We do not allow porn linking here. Watermarks from websites which contain porn fall under this category. So where do we draw the line? Generally, if the website contains porn on the home page or a link to a NSFW section on its home page, we consider that a porn website. Do not post images with watermarks from these types of websites. In addition, do not link pics directly from the aforementioned websites.

    Banned words?

    Yes, there are words which we filter here at Sherdog. What is the best way to find out if a word is banned? Simple, type the word into the reply box. Next, hit "preview post." If the word is automatically censored (i.e. the text turns into asterisks), it is a banned word. Do not post pictures with these words on them.

    How much skin can I show?

    Some modeling pics will have a woman completely nude, but her body is turned a certain way to hide her lady parts. Although everything is hidden, it is still considered nudity. An exception to this rule is the "hand bra."

    These are just some helpful tips to avoid getting infractions, double yellows, and bans.

    As always, if you have any doubts about a pic, contact a mod about it. Pleading for mercy will not save you from getting dubs, if you break a rule.

    Thanks for reading.
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  5. Det Kimble <img src="

    Aug 20, 2007
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    Additional Rules and Guidelines
    • Posting in e-suicide pornography threads is prohibited. If you see someone posting porn, simply report the post/thread. If you see a moderator online, send that moderator a PM. Posting in a pornography thread will land you double yellows (4 pts) - no exceptions. If you are already on cards or some other type of warning, it is highly likely that you will get banned. Quoting inappropriate images will also land infractions, so avoid this. For further clarifications on what constitutes an inappropriate image, please read the Pictures and Multimedia guidelines.

    • If a thread is moved to another forum or deleted, do not remake the thread. If you are unhappy with the decision, feel free to stop by this thread in the Support forum to ask about the move/deletion. Moderators move/delete a lot of threads, so legitimate threads sometimes get mixed with the numerous troll/empty threads. In the event that your thread was legit, we have no problems restoring it.

    • Check the stickies and front forum page before starting a new thread. Often, when there is breaking news (Fighter x is injured, tested positive for PEDs, promotion buy out, etc.) or a hot topic (media scrum, press conference, weigh ins, etc.) we will provide a discussion sticky for the topic.

    • Avatar and signature bets should be handled via PM with someone you trust. If a person bails on a sig/av bet, it is not a moderator's/admin's responsiblity to fix the problem - do not contact us about this. If you make an account bet and lose, do not post pornography. You will be ip banned. In addition, do not contact a moderator to ban your account. Instead, simply abandon the account.

    • Copyright infringement - To further clarify, large portions of articles should not be quoted. Keep the quotes limited to a few sentences and provide a link to the original article.

    • Race-baiting posts and threads (Cain Velasquez Brown Pride tattoo, "it's only because he's x race," etc.), are not permitted.

    • Discussing fighters who are on TRT or who have failed drug tests - Choose your words wisely: The fighter bashing rule still applies! Opinions about TRT and PEDs are fine. For example, something like, "I feel TRT is a loophole that allows fighters to cheat," is okay. Saying, "TRT user x is a cheating douchebag," is not. Be sure to state your opinion without slinging insults.

    • Do not troll pro fighters' threads, especially after they lose a fight. Double yellows (4 pts) will be handed out to those who dig up old threads after a fight to troll - no exceptions.

    Lastly, if you have any questions about the rules, feel free to contact a moderator. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

    Thanks for reading.
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