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Sherdog needs more mods



Or at the very least a "report post" button to get a moderator's attention. Both would be sexcellent. The amount of mods online at any given time leaves them stretched too thin for how fast the boards move. Just looking right now, there are 5 moderators online to the 1687 active users. I know it will sound hypocritical, but I can't be bothered to

A) Check which moderators are online and then
B) PM said moderator

every time there is an issue.
yeah a good report post button with a box to select from a generic thing flame swearing general doucheyness. etc. would be good
the report post button sends an email to EVERY mod, by the time we check it, it's been taken care of. And you don't know what it is like to wake up with 100+ of those in your personal e-mail account.

There are plenty of mods on throughout the day.

How do you check for a mod online anyway?

Go to the forum homepage (sherdog.net), scroll to the bottom and click on "View Forum Leaders". This will show all the mods, just find one that is online for the room in question.
i agree but how about less stupid posts!! heehe