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Sherdog is a System Resource Hog

Discussion in 'Support' started by Arrrrgh, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. Arrrrgh

    Arrrrgh Brown Belt

    May 13, 2014
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    This has been going on for years--ever since the new forum layout was introduced.

    I have a server with 64gb of ram. I leave 20-50 tabs open across multiple browsers and browser windows at times. It causes zero issues except the sherdog pages will crash and need to be reloaded after a few hours... that is until I tried out comodo dragon. It doesn't kill the scripts the same way chrome does (which is odd because it's a chromium based browser but I'm not gonna bother looking for the config that causes the issue) and it has caused the entire system to lock up overnight 2x.

    I confirmed it is the sherdog pages by opening 30 random resource heavy tabs (espn, yahoo, youtube, etc with video playing on all of them) and watching the task manager memory usage stay steady. I then opened 5 sherdog forum tabs and the memory usage steadily started counting up and continued to count up for over an hour.

    It's weird that nobody else complains about this issue but I'm guessing most people don't leave a dozen tabs sherdog tabs open overnight.

    Other technical details:
    Using the default forum settings. Running windows 10 enterprise. confirmed the same issue on my surface tablet (also windows 10 but pro edition). I haven't tried opening tabs on my arch server since it's primarily a headless file server but I'll try that next.
    I primarily use chrome and other chromium based browsers(srwareiron primarily) but occasionally use IE and Firefox. Only firefox and comodo dragon have caused the system to lock up. The other browsers crash the sherdog tabs and everything else stays working fine.

    In the time it took to write this post, approx 15 minutes, the browser's memory usage has steadily increased by 200mb.

    Are you guys (the web developer(s) or whoever maintains the site) aware of the issue or know what causes it? Is it a java thing? I haven't tried using an adblocker and it honestly probably is an ad issue if I had to guess so that'll be my next step.

    After clicking post the memory usage dropped by about 200mb when the page reloaded and is steadily counting up again.

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