Sherdog don't be that guy!!!

Doing Dana White CrossFit isn’t training TS, and you’re in Thailand for the lady-boys.
There will be more USA chants than boo's in the main event. Why? Dunno.
Alex is prolific !!!!

Busy fighter... Busy Champion.

Lot's of folks are mad at the opponent choice, but others declined because they are not busy like Alex.

Being prolific is a HUGE FUCKINNG RISK, for any fighter and their career... See Cowboy..... But it worked for both Anderson and Jones (back in the day).

I think the fight will be violent, even if I would have rather seen Ank have the shot.
Tbh, not the fight I wanted to see.

I'm sure that's not the fight that the casual fans expected for UFC 303 (that's exactly where UFC fked it up they won't be selling as much as they think).

The matchup itself? On 2 weeks notice? let's gooooooo. I'm cool with it (not 100% though tbh lol).

But hey no one can question both Alex and Jiri characters and courage after that. Those guys are warriors.

That's fair statement. We were getting a different kinda fight/spectacle.

Would definitely be better if it was full camp for both fighters.
Alex isn't the issue, its the fact that he just KO'd Jiri two fights ago.
UFC: "Alex, we had another main event fall through. We know you just fought last weekend, but..."
Pereira: "Done. Who is my target?"