Shadow sparring


Apr 5, 2008
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Hi I am away for a week and all the I have access to train skillwise is a mirror so all I can really do is shadow sparr. How much shadow sparring do you think it was worth me doing a day. I will have about 2 hours a day to train do you think its worth spending that much time shadow sparring?
thnx for the response I was just thinking It would be worth taking time off I was going to make minimal improvement but I was wondering how much improvement I would make focusing on that as opposed to bagwork/pads/sparring
I think you can make really good improvement shadowing, really work on technique and sharpness and drill your bread and butter combo's

I personally wouldn't do more than five 2 minute rounds of free style full speed shadowing at a time, and I'd spend the rest of the time on other stuff, practising certain techniques and specific combos foot work stretching and cardio etc.

I'm no great expert, whatever works for you man, but that's how I'd do it