Seperated Ribs


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Jun 14, 2007
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About 3 weeks ago I separated 3 ribs from my sternum. I am getting close to the point of being able to start back into training again, likely biking and jogging to start.

I am wondering if there is really anything you can do to strengthen the rib area? I am not sure what that muscle is called that goes over them, but in another couple weeks I'd like to hit the gym or find something to do to start working on that area so I can avoid this happening again. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

I ould also use some stretches to do to on that area , I know a few but am open to any new ideas!
Muscles around the rib area are generally the intercostals (internal and external) and the serratus
ouch done that a couple of times myself so i know how much pain you are in. there arent many exceriszes you could do to strenghten that area but i do know of 1 its called a dumbell pullover. if you dont know how to do it try and check out the excersizes section. also any lat stretching excersizes will help the area alot. dont do them str8 away though wieght til u are 100% as you prob would cause more damage.
I did it in BJJ class.

Thanks for the tip ozbrawler i'll look that up!
Ouch, take it easy would be my advice... it will need time to heal the junction between the bone and cartilage in your ribs.

Your body will tell you when you are doing too much or the wrong thing, just listen.