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Self Study..

lion paw

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Dec 24, 2012
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has anybody done a self study program?Not talking home school,no online courses,no once-a-week attendence course,no teacher I mean straight from the book?How do you weed out useless information?Im studying for a water treatment exam and any study tips are helpful.If you're in water treatment,wastewater,or water distribution,all advice is appreciated.
I took the GRE last summer and went out and bought a book that specifically outlines how to take the test, what to study for, what to expect, etc. I'm sure there is a similar study guide for what you are trying to study for. Do you know someone who has taken this test already recently? I'd ask them their method before you invest in a book you may not need that you can borrow.
'Introduction to Potable Water Treatment Processes', by Parsons and Jefferson is a good book. not very in depth.