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Segal says he will work with Danie Cormier

Lapiz Conciente

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Oct 4, 2009
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Looks like Sensei Seagull has the spotlight again. I've always doubted his act with Anderson and Lyoto, he seems like full of s**t.

What can he contribute to Daniel's game?
Fuck sakes, what a clown. He's cancer to this sport, using it to get into the spotlight.
The guy is a parasite... I would have loved to see Segal's face when Jonesie turned him down.
Cormier can pick up some valuable info from seagal.

idc what anyone has to say but this is the truth.
"when, uh....uhm...Anderson knocked out Vitor Beltor..."
In his defense, he does use that big belly well. Hmmm...Daniel Cormier....he may be onto something.
God this guy is a dead set joke.

Seagull threads should be wastelanded
Cormier can pick up some valuable info from seagal.

idc what anyone has to say but this is the truth.

Steven seemed unusually composed in this as well. I was surprised, he managed to hold back a lot of his douchery (you can see his face twisting a couple times awkwardly as he contains the wrath of a deity) and provide decent answers.

When he said DC was a friend, I took it more as an "invitation" then an attempt to associate with. So I liked that aspect of it, he's simply extending a hand and saying: Follow me. Learn from Steven.

If DC is wise? He'd listen.
seagal is a legend! you nubs dont give him enough RESPECTTTTTTTT
Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones aren't stupid, they know this guy is a direct-to-dvd hasbeen still trying to hang onto relevance by "teaching" gifted fighter in their prime to win fights they otherwise would've won anyway, then take more credit than he deserves.
He's legit, 7th degree black belt in Aikido, no one is debating that. I dont see Gene Lebell claiming to be the sole reason that Ronda's success even though he has been there every step of the way.
Picking another fighter who's already that damn good right now, not surprised.

But seriously it's disrespectful to AKA who's put so much time and effort to developing DC.