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Sean Sherk UFC HOF?


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May 29, 2009
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Sherk was my favorite WW.

As soon as he dropped to LW, he became my favorite LW.

To show as much objectivity as possible, I'm still kind of on the fence as to whether he should be in the UFC HOF.

He thinks he has done enough to be allowed entry.

His record is bad ass and he has only lost to guys ranked number 1 and who were or were about to be Champions. MMA HOF? For sure. UFC HOF? IDK....

Just seeing what you guys opinions were about it to get a different view...
First of all..When the hell is he gonna fight again!?
Huge fan of Sherk, so ill say yes. But he's on the edge imo.
I like Sherk but I dont see it

Ill give you my pros and cons:


Great record (like you said...only lost against the elite)
Former champion
Got the look of a fighter (not that important, but he has it nontheless)
Been there since the dark days

UFC Management doesnt seem to like him.

So like I said, I dont see it.
It's a tough one.

Good point about UFC management not liking him.

He was 3-1, with his only loss coming to a close title fight to all time best WW (at the time) and dominant Champion Matt Hughes, and they axed him following the fight.

I think one of the main criteria for HOF is having to at least have been a Champion, and he did that and defended against the credible number 1 contender.
sherk is and was awesome. In my book he deserves it. Never been submitted, and the only times he has ever lost it was to champions. He could have beate edgar with a different gameplan too.
People like you are what kept deserving players out of Cooperstown. Get off your "morality" high horse.

And people like him laughed when Barry Bond's roidball was marked with an asterisk. If that's the case, sure, let Sherk in along with Barnett, just put asterisks next to their records.

Everybody wins!
One fight separates him from the HOF in my opinion. He lost to BJ Penn, meaning he could not have dominated at LW had he dropped from WW sooner.

He was a fantastic fighter but falls just short of HOF. He never beat a future HOF fighter, unless Benji Radach surprises us all.
I dont see sherk being in the ufc hof. Although a good fighter and champion he wasn't a pioneer in the sport like most of the guys in there are. He's a forgettable fighter.
What the hell am I hearing K-flo and Kalib Starnes deserve it more?

Starnes is just ludicrous.

Ken Flo never got the belt.

He beat some good people but always came up short.

If Kenny deserves to be in the HOF, how does Sherk not deserve it more, then?