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Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by YeahBee, Oct 11, 2010.

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    Interview with Sean Patrick Flanery on TapouT Radio Sean Patrick Flanery

    Not only about BJJ but some pretty cool tidbits

    I totally agree with his thing about leaving stuff out in the locker room. I have got the same feel from different comps and obviously my own club. The same feeling has not been present at other sports, the same with his talk about hierarchy, no cliques etc etc
    Somebody in another thread said that it is funny that other sports that aren't combat sports have fistfights and dirty stuff and never in grappling (from my experience at least), I can't recall every seeing somebody really cheat in BJJ/SW/Judo.

    Cool at the info about celeb grapplers to.

    People always talk about Boondock Saints but to me he is Young Indiana Jones!
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    pretty cool, thanks.
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    Yeah grappling seems to be a gentleman's combat sport, lol. Kind of like the golf of other sports. You should be ashamed of yourself for cheating (fake tapping, sandbagging, illegal techniques) in grappling, however in other sports like basketball, football, soccer, the saying goes if you aren't cheating you aren't trying.
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    While BJJ has a great atmosphere I don't recommend people leaving things out. At my gym people have had their wallets emptied out and such, mainly because we don't have lockers or anything, and they get pissed. It may just be in my neck of the woods (unemployment here is bad) but I don't trust people around my stuff.

    On a side note when I was thinking of moving to LA I looked at HBJJ and I did not connect Sean Flanery to Sean Patrick Flanery...I even saw his photo. I'm disappointed in myself since I am a pretty big fan, watch his stuff on netflix all the time, and I didn't notice. He seems like a cool dude, would like to roll with him...probably get destroyed though.
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    CrazyJHL, got a funny story for you about the thing you mention.

    I was at GQ in San Diego last year and was waiting for my match. A short, blond guy was on the mat coaching one of the guys in my division.
    The guy looked familiar, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. I wanted to ask him if I knew him, because he looked familiar, but didn't want to be creepy.

    I ended up chatting with him and the guy who whooped up on me in the division. That guy was Dane Molina, who you can see on the Shawn Williams DVD, and Sean was coaching him at that time.

    I was bothered by not knowing who this guy was, although he looked familiar. As soon as I got on the plane to fly back, I remembered. Boondock Saints! Fuck! hahahha
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    spencer pratt?

    although he's considered "legit" now since he "paid his due", ari bolden will always be "THE DOUCHE" to me. 10 bjg rash guards won't erase the memory of the "sensei vs the student" match i've seen years ago.:icon_cry2

    yeah, but aside from some jerks, grappling is a gentleman's & the thinking man's combat sport.:D

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