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Media Sean O'Malley releases footage of armed police storming house after hoax 'swatting' call

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Apr 29, 2018
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Surprised no one is talking about this

“I’ve heard about, like Adin (Ross) and the big streamers getting swatted,” O’Malley said on the podcast. “People find out where they’re at and they call the cops, say something happened that obviously didn’t happen, and then they’re f*cking getting swatted.

“I peek out my head out the window to see if maybe it’s something else, but then they’re on the intercom and I see a bunch of cops. They’re like, ‘Walk out with your hands up.’ So I f*ckin’ walk out, hands up. I was like, ‘I’m just going to listen. I could get shot.’ I was like, ‘OK, if I just listen to them, I’ll be all right.’ But you never know: Someone sneezes, pulls the trigger – I’ve got f*ckin’ shotguns pointed at me, AR-(15)s from like four different cops pointed at me. I was like, ‘I’m just going to listen and walk back.”

Read the whole thing on

Apparently witnesses at the scene are reported as saying that once Sean was released from his handcuffs he immediately whipped out some balloons from his pockets, inflated them and made the officers some balloon animals

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I once was taking a shower and a cop walked into a bathroom and told me to get out immediately, I didn't even get a chance to dry out or wash up(my gf let him in). I was so fucking confused, I thought I was getting arrested and cuffed immediately......Walked out of my apartment building in my underwear with a swat team in the building ready to bust a door. Apparently my neighbor threatened to kill himself, so they came in and evacuated the whole building lol and had us staying outside for like an hour. Thank god it was summer time. O'malley story is insane though
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Such a tool bag move to swat someone. Literal piece of garbage to think it’s amusing to put someone in that kind of spot undeserved. Not only a huge waste of man power and resources for the police, real chance someone gets shot not even remotely deserving it. Whether it be the person being swatted or an officer
"I ain't telling you shit... I bout dat life!"

Not a fan of OMalley but I would be fine with beatings being the punishment for doing this. People can lose their lives over crap like this. Between this and what is happening with justin danger nunley you can see how bad social media can be. And these are two people that have bank accounts that benefit from social media. Imagine those that aren’t as famous. Too many crazy people.
Upcoming Merab comedy video with title I swatted OMalley.

But with fake OMalley since Merab too cool to actually do something so dumb.
Imagine wasting the cops time with this and somewhere a drug dealer is closing a major drug deal uninterrupted...

And then people are like... I dunno why there so much crime in my neighborhood this use to be a good part of town
Do people get jail time for doing this?
I think..but its also not the hardest thing in the world to "spoof" the caller ID and then they don't know who actually called. If they've found workarounds to catch people doing this then that's news to me.

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