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Seagal looking to teach Cormier new techniques


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Nov 24, 2010
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If I had to choose anybody today [as 'Fighter of the Year'] I would probably pick Daniel Cormier because I think he is the best out of that lot
"I shall show you the secret ancient Japanese art of making B-grade action movies, my son."
Hell yeah, can't wait to see Cormier start busting out front kicks to the face and wrist locks.

I hear that Cain became a big Seagal fan after seeing him in the movie Against The Dark slaying vampire mutants with swords, and he's not to happy that Seagal picked Cormier as the FOTY and not him. The great sensei knows this and thats the only reason he had this picture taken. Seagal wants to take credit for a HW champ winning and DC is his new boy.
I've heard they're working on something called a "jab".
Steven Segal taught Cormier how to wrestle. You heard it here first.
Seagal, you make my brain full of fuck.

Also, you run like a Welshman:

hauhuauha what a character, despite all the bullshit that comes from Seagal he is or was a great aikido master... kind of sad to see he struggling for a little spot in the sun like that... but... at least Steven provide me some good laughs...
many cal seagal a joke, but i just can't see guys like anderson and machida letting in jokes to their camp. seagal is gotta be helpful and insightful.

daniel cormier is an olympian. do people really think an elite world class athlete is also going to let in a joke?

i say don't hate.
"Sheriff Aikido Master King Of Earth To Daniel-San use sacred overhand right technique I taught you in the warm ups before your fight."