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Jan 26, 2003
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I'm referring to the one that Ryo Chonan did to Anderson Silva that was followed up by the inverted heel hook. Does anyone use this takedown often in sparring? My brother and I were working on this and it seems like a really useful takedown that could easily surprise grappling veterans. Also, for those of you that use it, do you prefer to run and then go for the scissors, or do you clinch up first? Ryo just ran to Silva when he did it, but you can see that he instictively put his arm up like he had done the clinch method in training many times before.
I use it when they attempt a single leg but dont get enough peneration and you have good control of their head.

be gentle when learning the tech. it is easy to injure someones knee. Hence why it is ilegal in Judo.
Be very, very careful. It's extemely easy to break someones leg with it. It's banned in a lot of competitions due to this.

that looks like a cut back in wrestling. You can use it if the guy has a single leg on you and your whizzer isn't overly deep. Works great, but you're right it is very easy to blow someones knee with it.
apparently it's very easy because it's also banned in BJJ tourneyus
i've tried it a few times chonan style, hard to do though as my hips aren't very flexible.
its a pretty dangerous move if it doesn't work though your opponent will get an easy leg lock or side mount if you don't complete the takedown
can someone explain how do to it without breaking the guy's knees ? what exactly can hurt him ?
Scissor takedown is a waste of time... it doesnt work on anyone.
Joe Lauzon said:
Scissor takedown is a waste of time... it doesnt work on anyone.

My instructor did it like 4 times in the past week. Also, the first post about Chyon and A. Silva...didn't it happen there too?
Banned in both Judo and BJJ for safety reasons. Yes it does work. No it is not worth practicing because the risk/reward ratio sucks. Trust the people warning you about this. An ACL reconstruction is going to cost nearly $20,000 and take you out of commission for 6 months.

Sambo players like this style of takedown because it opens a lot of opportunities for leglocks.
Me, before it was banned off a failed Uchimata.

Your next point (which will also be shut down completely)???
Hehe, Chonan finally killed the old scissor discussion. Everybody said you left yourself too open to leglocks, but this proves otherwise i guess....
Joe Lauzon said:
What level of competition?

It was the Interspecies Championship of the Galaxy. I used it against a Rotunda Beast who outweighed me by over 100kg, had 4 arms, and the rules allowed biting.

Dude. WTF...just shut up now. Everything you have said so far in this thread is wrong, stupid, or has been refuted. Now go away.