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Save Our Supplements


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Dec 29, 2002
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As you read this, leaders in Washington are working to restrict your access to dietary supplements - including the safe, effective, and affordable vitamins, minerals, and herbs you depend on for your health.

While more than 70 percent of Americans use dietary supplements, some lawmakers want to pass laws that will create roadblocks to supplement access, making it harder for you to purchase the products you rely on for good health.
If you believe consumers deserve real health choices, tell Washington to Save Our Supplements.

Source: http://www.saveoursupplements.org/

This kind of pisses me off. Click on the link to find out more and/or to notify your congressman of your opinion.
do you guys remember when it was in the news that oreo's containted transfats? It was all a buncha horse shit to gain publicity for one man's cause.
You're shitting me, Urban! I thought that Oreos really did have trans fat. All this time, I've been avoiding my favorite cookie in the world because I've been lied to? Say it ain't so!
yeah, that case never went to court, it the allegations lasted three days.