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satchmo99's running log

Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by satchmo99, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. satchmo99 Guest


    i thought having a training log could be quite motivating.

    here are my stats:

    I always have been very active and do a lot of sports. During
    the last 5 yrs. i gained a couple of pounds due to my job
    which doesn't require a lot of activity (corrections officer)
    i want to get to 190-200 and run a half marathon (21 km) next year.
    I started two weeks ago, here is my training data for the two weeks:

    Mo, 16. August
    running 4,7 miles 51 minutes
    Tu, 17. August
    playing tennis 2hrs
    Th, 19. Aug
    running 4,75 miles 52:30
    Fr, 20. Aug
    running 4,9 miles 54 minutes
    Sa, 21. Aug
    playing tennis (regional tournament)
    Boxing 60 min heavy bag

    Mo, 23. August
    running, 4.6 miles 46 minutes
    Wed 25. Aug
    running 6.25 miles 1hr 5 minutes
    + playing tennis 60 min
    Th, 26. Aug
    playing tennis 90 minutes
    Fr, 27. Aug
    Boxing 60 minutes heavy bag
    Sat, 28. Aug
    running 5.6 miles 58 minutes
    playing tennis 60 minutes
    Su, 29 Aug.
    mo, 30. Aug
    running 5.6 miles 56 minutes
    tu, 31. Aug
    tennis 90 minutes

    maybe the specialists could comment on my training regimen
    i would be very pleased if you could give me tips
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  2. satchmo99 Guest


    Wed., 01.sep
    light running 4.6 miles 48 min
    +weight training

    Th., 02.sep
    running 5.1 miles 46,5 min

    Fr., 03. Sep
    off (24hr shift)
    new weight 220
  3. satchmo99 Guest


    Sa, 4. sept.
    tennis tournament

    So, 5. sept
    Boxing + weight training

    Mo, 6. sept
    off (24 hrs)

    tue, 7. sept
    running, 7.5 miles 1hr 5 min best run so far

    maybe someone could give any feedback to my training regimen - would be nice
  4. ChinBo37 Black Belt

    Sep 25, 2004
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    Yo man! Great looking log. Its hard to give feedback on your workouts such as weights without knowing exactly what you are doing but it looks like u are staying active and you should have no problems with your 1/2 marathon.
  5. satchmo99 Guest

    thanks for response

    I do the weight training and boxing just as an addition to running
    my priority is definitely running right now
  6. satchmo99 Guest

    Wed., 8. September
    light run 4.5 miles 40 minutes

    Thu, 9. September
    tennis (half-final regional tournament) 90 minutes

    Fr, 10. September

    Sat, 11. September
    tennis ( final regional tournament) 150 minutes

    Sun, 12. September
  7. satchmo99 Guest

    Mon., 13. sept.
    running 6.3 miles 57 minutes
  8. satchmo99 Guest

    Tue, 14. sept.
    boxing (40 min. heavybag + weight training)

    Wed, 15. sept
    running 4.66 miles 38 minutes (pretty fast run)
  9. satchmo99 Guest

    fr. 17. september
    running - 10 miles - 1 hr 54 min (longest run so far)

    sat 18. september

    sun 19. september
  10. satchmo99 Guest

    Mo, 20. september
    slow running 1 hr 5,7 miles

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