San Diego Schools who has the best and most enjoyable classes for Jiu Jitsu



I am currently training under one of Roy Harris students. I plan on training at his academy but his classes seem organized abit ackward. Here in Bahrain we have atleast 1 to 2 days inbetween classes and this is good because I usually am pretty sore after classes. For a non blue belt though it looks like I would be taking classes Mon, Tuesday, Wed and maybe Saturday morning. I enjoy my instructors teaching style though and this makes me interested in going to the place he went to.

Who do you reccommend and why?
i live in san diego and train here. Are you talking about jiu jitsu, or sub grappling? Depending on what you want to do, there is a big difference on where you should go.
come by fabios santos school off of mission gorge road, we are a strictly bjj school though, we usually only do no gi about 2-3 months out of the year, depends what u want, there are a lot of great schools in san diego, city boxing with brandon vera and tyrone glover has mma classes, boxing, kickboxing, sub grappling and jiu jitsu, rodrigos in pacific beach is really good also for bjj. and deans in chula vista or off of convoy street the yoffer everything but dont have any gi classes. san diego fight club is really good also, just depends how far you are willing to travel, pay, and what ur looking for,,,,,,,,,,
I will be near the Navy Base. I am looking for BJJ School that has a No Gi day mixed in. I want to diversify down the road but my current goal is to do another 6 months of BJJ.
Anarkis said:
I will be near the Navy Base. I am looking for BJJ School that has a No Gi day mixed in. I want to diversify down the road but my current goal is to do another 6 months of BJJ.

Which one? Amphib, 32nd St, North Island? They are all fairly close. Is driving an issue or are we talking walking, bus, etc?
Fabio Santos is Mission Gorge area with no gi only around the summer months. This is where I train (when I am not a cheesedick) but I only focus on sport. Roy Harris is up in Miramar but I don't know about their training. Rodrigo Medeiros is in Pacific Beach. Tyrone Glover and others (to the best of my knowledge) are still at City Boxing with locations downtown and in PB. Jo
hmmmm i say carlos valente...don't go to roy for bjj i think they train gi once a week ands its likely yull get yer blue like 5 years from now.
Fabio, Rodrigo M. are probably the best for BJJ. I know that Roy H. is good but i know he's gone on training seminars all the time around the world so i don't know how much he actually teaches. The other guys are there most of the time i'm sure.

I could name you many more no gi options that were not mentioned above and comment on some that were mentioned. But since you're not really interested in no gi too much then there's no point. The other guys around town do all no gi pretty much.

Odie Neto, has a good school and i think he does gi stuff too, but i'm not sure of the breakdown.
S.D. Force I talked to my instructor tonight and he pretty much said what you said verbatim about Roy and Fabio. I think I will check out Fabio Santos. I am interested in No Gi but I think I like both. Right now I am mainly trying to pursue my Blue Belt and from a lighter guys stand point having the Gi helps for now. Perhaps in time I will train more without GI but I am trying to make logical evolutions and not let technique suffer.

Have you trained at Fabio school?
No question. Train with Fabio Santos, Lobo trains there and many great others. Fabio Santos is currently in this month's Grappling Magazine. I would train with him if I lived there and had to make a choice. Fabio is the man!
i suggest carlos valente same quality as fabio plus the added bonus of lets say terre terre teaching every so often amongst others but try both why not stop bye rodrigos also.actually thatd be tight if you actually checked out all three and gave us a lil synopsis of your visits!!!
Well Roy will not let you watch his classes even on a visist its members only. I am going to check out Fabio, Carlos and City Boxing probably.
city boxing has great instructors and lots of competitors in local no gi competitions but Doesn't do Gi stuff at all. So if you are going for Blue promotion or want to Primarily do Gi, then don't bother. Of course you know you can't get any kind of promotion in jiu jitsu thru no gi classes.
Dang with everyone in San Diego, we should have a little get together and train some time :D
lol @ roy not letting u watch a class, whts up with that
Asel1 said:
lol @ roy not letting u watch a class, whts up with that

lot's of red tape....i have never been there but i think theres an anual charge and stuff.i heard sumtn about people not being able to watch not sure really.i also heard he charges for belt testing pass or fail.

anyhoot my experiances from sd are...
fabio's= couldn't train there at tournament time so i really dun try anymore when im in town
rodrigo's= could train even at tournament time i ges came late all the time.small place good quality people.
carlos's=this would be my next stop so i would love to hear how his new place is???

hehe im an SD native...always down there.
Two questions: wtf are you refering to by "tournament time" and why couldn't you train at Fabio's during that time?