Same day weight cutting

Mark Haggard

Amateur Fighter
Jul 23, 2004
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I am an amateur fighter, I just had my third fight this past weekend. My first two fights I was able to win without too much difficulty.
This most recent fight my opponent dropped out of the fight a few days before the fight was slated to take place and they did not have an opponent for me. The only opponent they had for me was a little heavier than I was (I fight at lightweight,) but I took the fight anyway since I had been training to fight. I weighed in at 156 (didn't bother keeping it under 155 since my opponent was heavier,) and my opponent weighed in at 164, and apparently he cut weight from around 169-170 (he wrestled last year at 171) to make that weight. Anyway, the strength difference was apparent to me throughout the fight. He is a wrestler and shot in almost immediately, was able to take me down and beat up on me a little. I fought from the bottom, and had an armbar attempt that almost ended it, but in the end he was able to end the fight with strikes from top position.

Now, it's not like this guy is better than me, and looking back there was definitely a LOT that I could have done different, and probably could have won the fight. As it was, I was outpowered and just couldn't make up the difference.

Now, my opponent was able to enjoy a decent strength advantage, so my question is, for amateur fights that have same day weigh-ins (typically four hours before the fights start,) what would be the best way for me to go about cutting weight without losing too much energy, and how much weight could I expect to be able to cut for a same day fight without sacrificing stamina.

Sorry for the ultra long post and thanks in advance for any advice on the subject.