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Sambo Charity Auction


Martial Artist, Coach, Stunt Performer
Apr 5, 2005
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The American Sambo Association is pleased to announce this auction to benefit the International Committee for the Children of Chechnya (ICCC) - All proceeds of this auction will go directly to the ICCC to fund medical care and education for child refugees. For more information about the ICCC please visit: www.chechenchildren.org

We have pledged to offer this auction as the conclusion to our 2005 Unity Classic and North American Freestyle Sambo Championships. We are very thankful to our sponsors and donors who have helped make this aution possible.

Included in this benefit package is:

An autographed copy of the acclaimed "The Oath: Surgeon Under Fire" - Dr. Khassan Baiev's autobiographical account of his life in war torn Chechnya. Now living in the US, Khassan Baiev is a medical doctor, world sambo champion and founder of the ICCC. www.theoathbook.com

2005 Unity Classic and North American Freestyle Sambo Championships 14.5" x 24" vinyl full color event poster signed by 30 coaches and competitors. Autographs include: Oleg Savitsky (World Combat Sambo Gold and Silver Medallist), Vladislav Koulikov (Soviet National Sambo Gold and Silver Medallist, Grappler's Quest Champion), Lance Campbell (USSA President and World Sambo Champion), Stephen Koepfer (ASA President and founder, National San Shou Medallist, and Head Coach of New York Combat Sambo), Kazuhisa Watanabe (All Japan Sambo Championships Silver Medallist, Japanese National Sambo Team memeber, and member of world famous Kigchi Dojo). Other notable signatures include Juan Berrios, Anatoly Sanko, Chris Reitz, Scott Shinick, Dr. Robert Laudicina, and Serge Gerlach.

Two Grappler's Quest DVDs including the 5th West Coast Submission Grappling Championships and the 2004-2005 US National Submission Grappling Championships.

An autographed copy of Combat Sambo Ankle and Leg Locks. Stephen Koepfer's instructional DVD on the foundation leg locks of combat sambo.

2005 Unity Classic and North American Freestyle Sambo Championships souvaniers including an event t-shirt, full color event program, and a souvanier medal set.

One red and one blue sambo kurkta*

Additional t-shirts from New York Combat Sambo and Black Mark Fight Gear*

*Clothing sizes will be chosen to fit the auction's winner

This 10 day ebay auction begins Wednesday, September 7th, 2005 at 12 noon. Seach for "Sambo Charity Auction" or "International Committee for the Children of Chechnya" in the sports memorabelia section.

Visit www.ebay.com and place your bid!
sweet! Thanks guys :)
Since we received no bids I will be breaking up the package into smaller auctions. Keep you eye out on e-bay.