S & P compilation video of amazingly freakish old timey feats of strength & power

Bubble Boy

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Oct 15, 2003
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This idea is subject to approval by the grand high pubas of the S & P.

Who's in? A compilation video for and by the S & P of old time strongman lifts and feats.
I'll edit the video. Dead line for your submittal is August 1st.

Here's the idea:

Each person pick a traditional (old timey) strongman style feat of strength, and video themselves doing it. The idea is that it can't be one of the standard lifts performed in the weight room type of thing, i.e. no standard dead lift, bench, or squat. It's got to be a freakish old strongman lift.

For our purposes, the lift does not have to be a PR, or necessarily a huge lift. Although it would be nice to see some incredible weight moved, the central idea is to demonstrate these lifts with adequate skill. Let's not be pansies either though...

For ideas of the kind of lifts acceptable for the vid go to the following sites:
Oldtime Strongman Training Iron Game History Classic Strength Equipment Workout Techniques
Strongman (strength athlete) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Just keep it obscure, traditional, circus like...but functional...and you'll be fine.

A major component of the video will be to adequately demonstrate some of these fine old lifting techniques in a compilation video from (and for) the S & P.


-No white belts unless approved by a mod. There's legit reasons for this that I'm not going to go into. If you've got the goods, getting a mod to give you the green light should not be difficult at all.

-Post ONLY ONE video of ONE LIFT up on youtube and pm me to let me know it's up. You can post your video in here obviously, but PM me to let me know it's available up on youtube. Again, one video of your one lift. If you do 6 lifts for some reason, let me know which one you want me to use for the compilation.

-Please don't upload a vid and then a month later decide you want to do something else...Make sure you're really satisfied with your lift and the video, then upload it and PM me. That single submission will be your submission. This will make the whole process a lot simpler and I won't have to go back and re-edit stuff.

-Your video must be posted up onto YouTube by you. I will then "rip" the vid with vixynet and then convert it to a file that my editing software understands. Please use YouTube. Also, please include appropriate info: like how much weight is lifted, etc. in your pm to me. I'd also like to at least get the country you are from as part of the info.
PLEASE UPLOAD ONLY THE RAW VIDEO CLIP, WITHOUT EDITING. I'll add the info into the video when editing.

-I'll rip the vids from YouTube as quickly as I can. Once I have your clip on my hard drive, feel free to remove it from YouTube if you wish.

-Please get the best quality clip you can. Even shitty video cameras (of which I have) can provide good footage if things are done correctly.


I'm thinking about 2 months to get vids in, then it'll take me maybe 2 weeks to edit everything together. 2 months gives those of us who haven't really ever trained in these lifts to get a least familiar enough with one of them and get it to a demonstratable level.
So have a video of your lift submitted by August 1st.

NOTE: I couldn't find some of the links I wanted to about old time strongman stuff, so if anybody has any, please supply them, I'll edit them into this first post.

In fact, I imagine this first post will be edited several times as issues and questions come up.
Sounds fun. I'll see if I can do anything at strongman training tomorrow.
This is how it's going to be.
Just me and Klotz.
The atheist and the jewish guy.
This is how it's going to be.
Just me and Klotz.
The atheist and the jewish guy.

I'm so pumped for this video!

Side note... would steel bending be allowed? It's old time strongman stuff and the only thing I'm decent at.
Bubble boy no worries...I'm in...jewish atheist guy to the rescue...
Ok, phew. I just thought this video had some real potential, and would be fun and instructional to watch. Glad some people are coming out of the woodwork.

>lightweight: Of course on the bending. That's cool dude.
Anyone up for a spot of this?


I'll be the sub, I just need a dom.
Great idea Bubbles, but unfortunately, my shoulder would inhibit my performance with the Two Hands Anyhow, or the Bent Press.

Woe is me...
I'll figure out something later to do. Great idea Bubbles.
I'll look through the sites later on and see if I can find somethin' that would suit my fancy. If I'da thought about it, I'd've videoed me choppin' wood today. :D
Ok, phew. I just thought this video had some real potential, and would be fun and instructional to watch. Glad some people are coming out of the woodwork.

>lightweight: Of course on the bending. That's cool dude.

Niiice. I'll try and get something good.
I'll vid a bent press
card tear
one arm snatch
side press
turkish getup
one arm swing

just some ideas
Some good stuff developing.
I'm gonna do an overhead one handed 12 lb sledge hammer swing, driving a long spike into the ground.
You strong crazy bastards better do this video.
You pull a car with a harness? Video it and send it too me.
You rip a deck of cards in half. Pm me that shit.
C'mon fellas. Getting 30 clips would be good.
Anyone who already has video footage to submit, send it my way. I'll do a little teaser / trailer to get people psyched up...
I've been trying to do the bent press for 2 years. That lift broke me.
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