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White Belt
Mar 4, 2008
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Age: 18
Weight: 140
General Goals: My number one priority is to keep on progressing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I also want to become stronger while getting lean. Improve my non-existent conditioning and fix up my diet.
Specific Goals: Become the most technical white belt in the gym. Achieve my old maxes. Follow the seven habits of diet by John Berardi. Get through each semester with a 3.5 (Not happening, I'm a pharmacy major.)
Training Experience: 5 months of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I also did one season of wrestling in my sophomore year of HS and two months of Judo.
Lifting Experience: Before I got into BJJ, I was a gym-rat and lifted consistently for 2.5 years. I went from a bodyweight of 110-160 and achieved maxes of:
Bench Press- 205x8
Squat- 225x5
Deadlift- 300x5
Military Press- 140x6

However, these are non-existent since when I started BJJ, I dropped lifting entirely and lost twenty pounds in one semester. Now I'm looking to add strength training again into my schedule. When the summer comes though, it's all out.
Funny how the day after I post this journal, school becomes crazy. So since finals are really soon and the semester is nearing the end, I'll post when I go to BJJ sessions and whenever I get the chance, do a workout. I haven't gotten a chance to get to BJJ in the past week due to an Organic Chem test but I plan on going this friday.

The workouts for now will be a strength movement followed by either a power movement or a complex.. depending on my mood. Short and intense while This will be to just get my body used to weights again. Then when May 14th rolls around, I plan on trying Urban's routine, WS4SB, or 5x5.. Not exactly sure yet.

This is the how I'm going to try to make it.

Workout A: Standing Military Press 5x5
Power Movement
Workout B: Deadlift
Power Movement
Workout C: Front Squat
Power Movement

Performed on non-consecutive days and going to try to get a workout in ATLEAST 2x a week but optimally 3 or 4.
One Armed Standing DB Press- 40x9, 40x9, 50x5, 50x5, 55x2

Barbell complex: 50 poundsx3 circuits
Strict Standing Military Pressx9
Push Jerksx9
Push Pressx9
Bench Dipsx9

Damn I'm really out of shape and have really gotten weaker...
I can't wait till school ends so I can really get to it.
Thanks bro, appreciate it.

So after missing a week of BJJ, I thought I was gonna come in and perform like crap. I actually felt 10x fresher and my mind seemed alot clearer and calmer during rolling so i performed pretty well for my current level. Anyway.. workout B tomorrow.
Deadlift- 80x5, 100x5, 120x5, 140x5, 160x5
Rows- 95x10, 100x8
Towel Pullups- BWx5, BWx5
Hammer Girl Curls- 30x8, 30x8, 30x8

Comments: I'm using Bill Starr's plug-in sheet to calculate my lifts. I underestimated my lifts ridiculously in order to get my body conditioned to heavy lifting again. So the workout was pretty easy going and easy.
Learned how to break down the turtle by grabbing both lapels and rolling to get the person's back and sink in different variations of the collar choke.

Didn't do as well in rolling as I would have liked to but my mind is focused on school right now so the lifting probably won't come till after May 14th. I thought I would have been able to do some short sessions but its not going to happen. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up the training though. Missing last week's training was worth it though since I nailed an 85 on an orgo test :D
Anyway I'll be able to train tomorrow morning and Thursday with tons of rolling time since I have the day off.