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RVC's Vegan Cut

Discussion in 'Diet Logs' started by RVC, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. RVC Guest

    Hi guys, been lurking for a couple days and decided it would be beneficial to sign up and start a diet log (if only for myself).

    Weight: 107kg/236lbs
    Height: 183cm/6ft
    BF%: 25-27%

    I'm trying to drop around 15 kg/ 33 lbs of body fat over this summer (november-march)

    I'll be logging my diet and exercise daily and will post a progess picture weekly.

    I've been training muay thai for around 2-3 months now and my fitness is just starting to pick up. I'm starting mma/wrestling up as soon as my elbow gets over this hyperextension (gf put me in an accidental armbar :redface:).

    As far as diet goes...

    I've been a vegan since birth, and my diet will consist of alot of oats/veg/fruit/fake meat etc etc

    My caloric intake will be around 1800 on days I rest, and around 2200 on days I train (my caloric maintenance is around 2800-3000).

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  2. RVC Guest

    Day 1 - 1st of November

    Progress Pic 1 - 107kg


    Meal 1:
    1 can of country hotpot - 274c
    1 can of sweet corn -214c
    1 tbsp tomato ketchup - 25c

    Total: 513c

    1 large banana - 122c
    1 tub of soy yoghurt - 147c

    Total: 269c

    Meal 2:
    8 veggie sausages - 528c
    1 tbsp olive oil - 159c
    2 tbsp tomato ketchup - 50c

    Total: 737c

    1 can of sweet corn - 214c

    Total: 214c

    Meal 3:
    1 cup of soy milk - 163
    4 wheat biscuits - 235
    1 large banana - 122c

    Total: 520


    3.75 Litres of water with berocca tablets

    Calories: 2256
    Protein: 129.8g

    Still injured, had to skip kickboxing tonight :(
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  3. RVC Guest

    Day 2 - 2 November

    Meal 1:
    Can of refried beans with a can of corn and some rice crackers with enchilada sauce, all mixed up - 665c

    1 tub Soy yoghurt - 147c

    Meal 2:
    4 veggie sausages cooked in olive oil served with tomato sauce, 250g of frozen veg - 588c

    Meal 3:
    4 weetbix, soy milk, banana - 501c

    handful of rice crackers with lite hommus - 126

    2028c, 106g protein

    Didn't train, but painted and carted garbage to the tip all day
  4. MaximusNZ White Belt

    Apr 23, 2010
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    The Guard
    If you are looking to drop some bodyfat off I would suggest that you get rid of the rice crackers and the fake meat and start eating real food. If you need some decent rice protein powder I would say that Sun Warrior is pretty good (Vegan) and mixes well.

    I would also drop the soy out the diet and start with almond milk or hemp milk instead.

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