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Rules for the new people to Anti-Sherdog on Sherdog


Dec 19, 2001
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Theere is alot of new people posting here but, where their is now more quinity, the quality of this forum has gone down dreasticly.

1.Just the other thread I saw a Richard Simmons "Your Gay" Post on this board. That is a no,no. You might be able to pull that shit on the OT or MMA boards but not here.(P.S. I think that it would be really witty if c++ or NO-gi or someone like that posted one on this thread. Would be halarious.)

2. All of your posts must make the other person reading it think that you just got done smoking crack. 20 rocks of it. This board use to be fucking crazy now with just brillient off the wall houmor, now it is just lame ass put-downs. (Mother Jokes are aloud.)

3. Do not play kiss-ass with Art Santore.

4. If you are a part of Sherdog staff you must eat tapeoca pudding, go fuck yourself, stop getting drunk and peeing on your leg, take and nap, then kill yourself.

5. No more Duran Duran conversations PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. If you think that a post is border-line on lame then don't put it up. Kindly hit the back button and continue from there.

7. New members. YOu just got here. That is why I am refering to you as new members, you do not dictate and say how things on this board should go, Me, Art, MMAT,Treelo, Ralph, Hound, Jimmypancakes, pitbull a few others, even B&i have got things how we like it so don't be stupid. Pooping in your Pants is allowed.(Art made sure I would say that.)

8. NO naked men for your Avatar.

I remeber when this board was just a handful of retards just having a good time. I wish those days would comeback.
That was beautiful Conrad.

Hold me.
I have to second your point number 8 Conrad.

No naked men in your Avatar!

Yes, Wilhelm, I am looking at you.
That read was too fucking long!! Fuck you Conrad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My head hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
hey me new to can i say fruck you on this board
or how about piss off
or screw you
or suck me
and what about my fav kiss my gritts?

you and your rulkes can bite me conny the only man man enough to make rules on my board would be me.

rule 1 every one hates treelo and conrad oh and hound, jimmy, pablo, mma? nan he's a good kid, ralph immmh no he's just to cute to hate but all the rest hate with like theres no yesterday.
I see that the time restrant put on you to post without getting cuaght really has helped your Grammer Art.
Art, you know what happens when you break the rules. You get a spanking.

Conrad your rule number 3 says "Do not play kiss-ass with Art Santore." Is it alright if I play kick ass on Art Santore?
Originally posted by PabloPittbull
Is it alright if I play kick ass on Art Santore?

No rule agaisnt it. I don't see why you couldn't.
And I may be new to Anti but I got a damned good reason to be here.

Tanner Rhoden is a piker.
well then welcome sup's and my grammer is just fine thank you very much conny. and yes i like to get spanked but not as mush as jim.
you missed number fuckin 9 you idiot!!!!!

9. This is treelos forum and you all must do as he says and fear him when he says he will stirke you down with his mighty morphin power rangers and his ninja turtles...

and never ever ever wear lilac/pink to a MMA fight because you would look like the biggest homosexual ever...(pimp hats included)

Purple pimp hats are da shizzle!!!



How can you not like these fine purple hats????

The only reason i get spanked is because you tie me up when im asleep Art.

I want my keys back. And my soiled G-string too.
What does that writing say under neath Art's name?