Roy Nelson vs. JDS rematch soon?

There are too many rematches. JDS should fight somebody new. I second Hunt.
The only person who wants to see this rematch is Roy Nelson.

It would look exactly like their first fight.

I think Cain is the only fighter who can beat JDS.
If Cormier stays at HW id love to see that fight
JDS/Kongo could be a good rebound fight for JDS, or it could allow Kongo to get the huge upset and finally be a contender. I'm all for it.
Didn't Dana White say Overeem's next fight is JDS in the post fight conference last nite? Maybe I was just hearing things.
Nelson is on a current tear. Good fight for JDS to rebound.

A 2-fight tear over monsters the likes of Dave Herman and a short notice Mitrione. Hell, feed Cain to him!

fucking Nelson troll threads.