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Roy Nelson on JDS loss: "If I had two extra rounds, it could have been a different fi


Nov 5, 2009
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"I think even back then, if I'd had two extra rounds, it could have been a different fight. I always care about the title shot, but that's the end game. For the most part, as long as you're fighting in the UFC, you're fighting the best in the world. Of course you want that belt, but it's not what defines you as a fighter."
-Roy Nelson

Is Roy joking here? I thought JDS was going to put him into a coma if that fight had gone on longer. Country didn't do shit except eat power shots. JDS had triple the output...
JDS finishes him if they ever fight again.
Roy is a joke with some statements he makes. He also said that he thought he won the fight against Werdum :rolleyes:
Roy is a sexual teranasaurus rex. i'm sure he could have finished if he had 2 more rounds.
If those two extra rounds were a part of a hotdog eating contest maybe.

Fighters have to believe in themselves, but there is no way he was beating JDS that night.
What a joke, go back to beating fringe top 20 heavyweights.
I like his outlook though, not every fighter on the roster needs to be a title contender. Would be a small roster if that was the case.
Maybe he's imagining JDS breaking both his hands or having a heart attack before round 4? Nelson didn't even rock or take JDS down in the first 3, so I doubt he could have done anything in the last 2.
Did Roy forget about the Mir fight? and what JDS did to him?
It would have been a different fight for sure, Roy would have been knocked out.
He's right, you know, about the fight being different. It would have ended in a KO for Dos Santos instead of a lopsided UD
I think he has memory from the pounding Jds gave him that fight.
sure roy. maybe a meteor would have hit the arena.

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