Roy Jones in his prime vs Holyfield in his prime, who takes it?

Roy Jones wasn't "Prime" at Heavyweight.
At heavyweight I go with Evander. At LHW, I'd say it's more even...but it's pretty hard to call at either weight. Prime Holyfield at heavyweight is a tall order for basically anyone...and I just think Roy wouldn't be busy enough or hit hard enough at heavy to give Holyfield the kind of fits someone like Bowe did.
If you are talking about a lightheavyweight Holyfield vs. an almost prime lightheavyweight Jones, then I go with Holyfield. Michael Moorer was a monster at lightheavyweight as well!
At HW? I would suppose Holyfield.

Given 12 rounds to walk Jones down, I see Evander getting it done. He would probably take a pasting getting there, but I'll go Holyfield KO 9.
This thread should be nuked. lol.
Holyfield takes it. Holyfield was one tough SOB, and I don't think Jones could hit hard enough to wear him down. Not saying Jones can't hit hard, but nothing like Bowe could.
Depends entirely on ring size. If Roy can play keep away, he cruises to an ugly and widely criticized 12 round decision.

If he can't keep away, he dies in mid ring.
No light hitting rabbit would beat Holyfield in his prime. Only way Jones would win if he had a 24 foot ring. Hell, better make it 30.
Holyfield gets my vote, it would be a very tough fight for either though.
Both at their best at the weight, I'd take Holy by late TKO at heavy and Jones by UD at 175.
Holyfield was a truly exceptional talent. Possibly the best fighter from the class of '84 which includes Pernell Whitaker and Meldrick Taylor. He was about the same size as Marciano, and he proved he could compete against bigger men who were similar in size and talent to Sonny Liston.
Oh man, at heavyweight Evander would just grind him down. Hes a lot faster then Ruiz and a lot better boxer. It would be a slaughter I think.
Roy Jones wasn't "Prime" at Heavyweight.

I dont even think Roy was prime at 175. He was often looking up at his opponents once he moved there. I think 168 was his prime weight.
That said, at 175 and match between Jones and young Holyfield might have happened at some point if they had come along at the same time. I think Jones had a lot of success because he would drop his opponents early and then they would be somewhat timid the remainder of the bout...Holyfield would have been there in Jones face all night long..I like Holyfield over Jones