Roy Harris BJJ 201 or Jens?


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Mar 10, 2004
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Hey guys, I want to improve my game a bit. I'm thinking of getting a good video. I have Roy Harris BJJ 101 and it's awesome, but I need to start learning some good sweeps, escapes, and sub setups. Is Roy Harris BJJ 201 good for this?

I've also heard a lot of good things about Michael Jens Ultimate Guard Passing Part 1, but I cannot for the life of me find it online. Anyone have a link to this vid?

I know this topic has been done a thousand times already, but the damn search is not working well for me, every time I do a search I get undesired results. Even if the search is for something as vague as "video" or "instructional".
I keep loosing the link to his website,
go to, go to techniques, and he presents some techniques there.
and it will give you his website addrress on that page.
I am an idiot. I've had that link this whole time. What a dick. Thanks though.
hey bro, no sweat.
I would love to learn from that Jens guy, he seems real technical.
Yeah, everyone always talks about his Ultimate Guard Passing tape, and since I only know two guard passes (barely), I figured I better pick this shit up, and start learning.

Anyone have any reviews of the Roy Harris 201 dvd?
Roy as always has great material. But his bjj 201 isnt in the same class as his 101 series.. I think you will get more from Jens in this case, awesome material.
Didn't think I'd here that. Any other Jens Tapes worth getting?
Most everything by Jens is good instruction. He is an old Roy Harris student and precise like Roy a whery pedagogical teacher. If you dont mind that its a bit unfocused (some gi, some no gi) everything I have seen by him is good (and that would be guard passing, guard, half guard, and pinning escapes) But personaly I have got most from his guard pass tapes. Mostly because that has been something I have focused on..
I'm definitely going to get Ultimate Guard Pass Part 1, however I'm trying to decide between the following 2 videos:

Ultimate Guard Pass Part 2
Ultimate Guard 1

Anyone have any quick reviews?
Hmm you mean that you are thinking of getting the second of the vids in his 7 tape series, or is ultimate guard pass an colection with all 7? If its the second your thinking of, get it. The first part of the guard pass is just about posture, he wont go into the -guard passing- until the second tape...
Ultimate Guard Passing Part 2 - Is the second in his Guard Passing series and i believe it outlines counters to submissions and sweeps from the guard.

Ultimate Guard Part 1 - Is 12 basic teqniques from the guard. The descriptions are a bit confusing. I believe this is more of an offensive minded tape.

Here is the link:
Hmm then I think your solid with either one man...
that's all great and everything, but I dont see tapes on how
to defend attacks from the guard.

Like armbars, triangles, how can I pass if I can't survive that, & he has an offensive guard?
Yes, check the link I posted. In the navigation on the left, just mouse over instructionals, and a drop down appears. There is a number of different videos in there.

Anyone have any reviews of these tapes.
I have both Roy's stuff, and Michael Jen's. I think they are both good. For escapes, I would also recommend "Escapes from Impossible Holds" by Mark Hatmaker. He has good tapes on other techniques too. For leg submissions, look at Eric Paulsen's stuff.
I bought the Ceasar Gracie Instructional DVDs - not bad I would recommend them. Though they seem to do a fair bit of time filling by showing the same move over and over again from different angles.
is there any good and original stuff on the ceasar gracie no gi tapes? I was thinking of getting them. or is it just the basic stuff most intermediate to high intermediate people know.
S.D.Force said:
is there any good and original stuff on the ceasar gracie no gi tapes? I was thinking of getting them. or is it just the basic stuff most intermediate to high intermediate people know.

No its pretty basic stuff, a few different setups and emphasis on a few different points meant it was still worth watching, but no stuff I hadn't seen before. These dvds are more for a beginner to intermediate level i would think.

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