Roots Kimonos-The Carnivale


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Nov 24, 2011
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Hey guys
The Carnivale pre-sale started today at
Its offered at a discount for $110!!! Only for the presale! presale ends first week of January.

How thick are the collars and any eta on the jacare?
May for the Jacare probably. Considering a gi release in March maybe for the Pan, if I do that it will be the Jacare, but if not it will be the Jacare and the Charge for worlds
It looks great minus the rectangular roots patches on the shoulders. the circular ones alone would make it look much better IMHO (less is more but it's just my preference). Either way 110 is a great price for a clean looking gi like this.
Its Long. it's a slightly slimmer A3 with longer pants and arms for the lankey guys that are a little taller. 550 crystal weave, with an IBJJF legal collar, not thin but not overly thick.
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alright dude, giving it a shot. i am a tall lanky bastard and just got an A3L. so tired of gi's made for fat midgets.
I read on Facebook there's a delay. April or may I think.