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Lift, Eat, Sleep, Repeat
Jul 11, 2007
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December 27th, I went in for a 4 1/2 hour rotator cuff surgery.
During the time I was immobile, I discovered these training forums. I want to take a moment to thank all the regulars and mods who take the time to read this for all the knowledge I've gained here.

I would really appreciate any tips/help from the experts here.

Starting #s follow:
Squat: 415#
DL: 210 kg (463#)
Bench: N/A (Not BB benching currently, 100# DBs x 5 is what I'm currently working with.
Zercher Squat: 365# (First time ever doing these was 6-6-2008)
Push Press: 225#
Power Clean: 100kg (220#)
SOHP: Need to test, 155# x 5 is most I've tried since surgery.

EDIT Again:
New numbers, but leaving old ones up for reference

Squat: 575# (gym) 551# (meet)
DL: 605# (gym) 584# (meet)
Bench: 340# (gym) 341# (meet)
Power Clean: 100kg (220#)(Probably more now, haven't tested for a while)
Strict Press: 225#
Push Press: 265#

Big 3 Total: 1520 (gym) 1476 (meet)

Some spreadsheets I have for safekeeping and others who may be curious. Smolov is the only one I've actually used. The others I've played with and consider & will probably use eventually.

Elliptical machine
10 min warmup ~120 - 130 spm


(I had some idea what I could do here as I tried some 2 weeks ago.)
Warm-up sets
1 - 120kg x 8
2 - 150kg x 5
Work sets
1 - 170kg x 5
2 - 170kg x 5
3 - 170kg x 5
4 - 170kg x 5
5 - 170kg x 5 (completed all=up the weight next week)

Stiff-legged DL

1 - 100kg x 5
2 - 100kg x 5
3 - 100kg x 5 (completed all=up the weight next week)

Glute-Ham Raise
(Can't do without using hands to cheat. Working on cheating less)

1 - BW x 5
2 - BW x 5
3 - BW x 5

(Still can't do bodyweight here either. Improving, but still very lopsided movement. Using assistance machine, so that's the weight you see. Also have to use neutral grip instead of over or under hand. Tried overhand on set #3 and couldn't do one, that's why the weight change there.)

1 - 70# x 8
2 - 70# x 6
3 - 85# x 8
4 - 70# x 4
5 - 85# x 5

Elliptical machine
12 Minute cool down ~100 - 110 spm

Warm Up

5 minutes elliptical machine @ ~ 130-140 spm

GPP #2

Cheated a little and took a 1 minute rest instead of 30 seconds after rounds 2 & 4.
(My burpees are getting better, though. I can't drop from standing to the push-up, but I can do the push-up at the same time as putting the legs back and bringing them back up)

Core Training #4
(from II)

Did 4 circuits, kneeling roll-outs still, but 7 per set instead of 5. Used a 40# DB for the Russian twists & back extensions.

Cool Down

12 minutes on elliptical machine @ ~ 110-120 spm
(This is the day I'm really worried about with my shoulder)

Warm Up

10 minutes on elliptical machine @ ~ 120-130 spm

Flat DB Press

Warm-up sets
1 - 45# x 25
2 - 55# x 20
Work sets
1 - 80# x 6
2 - 85# x 5
3 - 90# x 5
4 - 90# x 5
5 - 90# x 5 (will try 90# for all work sets next week, then increase weight if I get all sets)

(The one that really had me worried. Set #3 validated that. Almost dropped it on the right side :icon_sad:)

1 - 95# x 6
2 - 115# x 5
3 - 135# x 3
4 - 125# x 5
5 - 125# x 5

Incline DB Press

1 - 60# x 5
2 - 65# x 5
3 - 65# x 5 (Felt ok, but I think I'll stick with 65# for another week as it feels like if the form gets off at all it will hurt.)

Cool Down

17 minutes on treadmill @ ~ 4.5 mile/hr pace. (Yeah, slow, I suck at running. Bad knees, think I'll be breaking out the mountain bike for days I don't have to work and have time for it.)

Warm Up

6 minutes on elliptical machine @~120-130spm

GPP #4

Today sucked, felt really drained and only completed 5 circuits of this GPP. This one is the hardest for me, and I think I need to do it more often.

Core Training #1

Used 70# DB for side bends
Used 12# medicine ball for med ball throws. Gym has no solid walls to throw med ball at, so I laid back on balance ball and threw ball in air alternating sides each time.
4 Circuits
Plank for 65 seconds, was shaking after about 15

Cool Down

12 min elliptical machine @~ 100-110spm

Warm up

6 minutes elliptical machine ~ 130-140spm


Warm Up Sets
1 - 135# x 12 Trying to focus on form
2 - 225# x 8 Again trying to focus on form
Work Sets
1 - 315# x 5 Form didn't feel right
2 - 295# x 5 Asked one of the 2 guys in the gym that knows what a proper squat should look like. First one sat down instead of back, after that, form looked good.
3 - 315# x 5 Form felt much better this time, could feel PC working
4 - 325# x 5
5 - 325# x 5

Front Squats

First time attempting this exercise
1 - 135# x 5 Have to use arms crossed due to shoulder stiffness at this point. Felt like the weight was going to roll down to zercher position. Is this normal?
2 - 155# x 5 Kept bouncing at top to keep it from rolling, felt a little better than first set, but still wanted to roll.
3 - 175# x 5 Only had to bounce the last rep a little. Maybe needed more weight to settle into position on collarbone?? This weight is where I'll start next week.

Good Mornings

1 - 135# x 5
2 - 155# x 5
3 - 155# x 5

Zercher Squats

Another exercise I've never tried before
1 - 155# x 5
2 - 195# x 5
3 - 225# x 5 I like these, I'll have to start doing regularly

Cool Down

10 minute easy jog on treadmill @ 4mph, then 1 minute walk
Rest Day, and boy do I need it. I think it's a good sign that I got my form correct on my squats that I am sore everywhere from yesterday. I'll try to get another video next week to see improvement. I'm definitely feeling it in the hams, glutes & back though.

I was sitting around at about 11:00 this morning trying to work up the motivation to go air up the mountain bike tires and work some of the stiffness out of my legs (Since my rig is moving and I've got a few days off) when I got a phone call. They need me to cover on another rig. No problem, more money...but no mountain biking like I was hoping for. Have to try tomorrow if things go well out here for the rest of the night....:icon_neut

Warm Up

10 minutes on elliptical machine ~ 125-135spm


Warm-up sets:
1 - 100kg x 10
2 - 120kg x 8
Work sets:
1 - 190kg x 4
2 - 190kg x 4
3 - 190kg x 4
4 - 190kg x 2
5 - 170kg x 5 Should have only increased by 10kg I guess. Felt like I had plenty left last week, but I guess not that much. Will go with 180kg next week.

Stiff-legged DL

1 - 110kg x 5
2 - 120kg x 5
3 - 120kg x 6 Try 130kg next week

DB Rows
A little cautious with these since it is one of the movements I was doing with no weight for PT

1 - 75# x 8
2 - 90# x 5
3 - 100# x 5
4 - 105# x 5
5 - 105# x 5 (Felt a slight twinge in my shoulder on last set, no pain though. Stick with 105# for now)

Same as last week, using damn assistance machine.

1 - 55# x 4 1/2 (couldn't quite get full ROM on rep #5:icon_sad:)
2 - 70# x 6
3 - 70# x 5

Cool Down

7 minutes on exercise bike ~ 75-85rpm
Well, first off, congrats. A lot of people use injuries as an excuse.

We've talked a lot before, I helped with the Rosstraining stickers (I had amateur fighter tags then).

I too have had screwed shoulders. I got my collarbone cracked gettnig slammed, and never knew. It's funny though, I didn't do anything and it never felt better (it healed already, just weak and sore). Once I started lifting regularly and doing prehab stuff like Cubans etc. it got a lot better.
Put it this way, 35 DB OHP was a PR. After a few months I was doubling that.

So far your workouts look pretty decent. Do you do any interval training right now? Or are you easing yourself into it? The GPP workouts can be pretty tough. If you want ideas for more, I one just about everyday during the winter. They're posted in my log.

Also, try Turkish Get ups with a lighter weight. These are supposed to be really good for you shoulders. I don't know about as a rehab thing, but definitely helped me.

Keep it up man.
Thanks a lot. I appreciate the support.

I guess maybe it is time to try some TGU's again. I tried a month or so ago and the angle was really rough on the shoulder. Maybe I just need more practice with it though.

I really haven't done any intervals yet. I want to get my running a little better first (at Ross's advice actually) since it's so poor right now. He said I'd get a lot more out of the running intervals that way. I'm working more on the GPPs right now though.

What are Cubans?

Warm Up

6 minutes on elliptical machine ~115-125spm

GPP #4

Lost track around circuit 6 or 7 so I doubled up on the last set to make sure I did enough. Kicked my ass quite thoroughly. I literally thought I was gonna pass out right after.

Cool Down

Ha Ha, yeah right. I walked around until I felt like I could breath and my heart wouldn't explode. That was all the cool down I felt up to today.

Woke up a little late, had to skimp on the workout a little:icon_sad: Starting with skipping a proper warm up.

Flat DB Press

Warm Up sets
1 - 50# x 25
2 - 60# x 15
Work Sets
1 - 95# x 5
2 - 95# x 5
3 - 95# x 5
4 - 95# x 5
5 - 95# x 5


1 - 95# x 10
2 - 125# x 5
3 - 135# x 5
4 - 135# x 4
5 - 135# x 5 (turned into a push press last set. Right side was really lagging.)

Using that damn assistance machine that I have to use for pull ups. Tried these a month or so ago and couldn't do a single one no matter what weight I used.

1 - 115# x 6
2 - 115# x 8
3 - 115# x 7 (Still hurt, and shoulder popped a couple times, but not as bad as before.)

Finished up with 10 wide push ups before heading home to get ready for work. Didn't have the strength to do any more than that anyway, so it worked out all right.
Rehab/prehab & Conditioning

Warm Up

~5 minutes arm circles/swings to loosen up the shoulders

New exercise to me, thank you again to Centaur

1 - 15# x 20 (Followed immediately with BO lateral raises with same DBs - 15# x 20)
2 - 20# x 20 (Followed immediately with BO front raises with same DBs - 20# x 20)
3 - 25# x 12

More stretching, using body bar. Just holding ends raising over head and back to feel stretch, then hold for 10 seconds, move side to side stretching shoulder out more thoroughly, relax. Repeat 3 times.

Magic 50

Using 45# DB
Completed without any cheating or extra breaks. After GPP 4 the Magic 50 doesn't seem like nearly the nightmare it used to for me, lol

Cool down

Slow jog/fast walk 8 min @ 4mph pace. Started faster but slowed down when I realized that the Magic 50 still kicks my butt.
Figures... I just read KW's Secrets thread yesterday about mental preparedness for training, making your plan before hand, etc, and I get to the gym to realize I'd left my log book at home.:redface: Fortunately I knew what I wanted to do and the poundages weren't too hard to figure out either, but I still felt like a dumbass.



Warm up sets
1 - 155# x 10
2 - 245# x 8
Work sets
1 - 325# x 5
2 - 335# x 5
3 - 345# x 5
4 - 345# x 5
5 - 345# x 5
(I will try to get another video to have the experts here check my form again. I know it's improved, but I need to focus on keeping the weight on the heels. I felt like I was rocking forward a couple times.)

Zercher Squats

1 - 225# x 5
2 - 225# x 5
3 - 245# x 5
(Still a new lift to me, but I think I will try to start with 245# next week and see where it goes from there.)

Making good progress here. minimal assistance from hands to come up, & none at all for the first rep or two per set

1 - BW x 6
2 - BW x 6
3 - BW x 5

Bulgarian Split Squats
Another new exercise for me. Decided to start with 100# (2 x 50# DBs)

1 - 100# x 5/leg
2 - 100# x 5/leg
3 - 100# x 5/leg
Kinda weird feeling on this one. Maybe just cause my legs were already pretty wiped out. Think I'll stick with the light weight and work on form next time. Felt a little pull in left knee when doing these with right leg, kinda lost balance and corrected with that leg, no biggie, but it needs practice I think.

Tabata intervals on Elliptical machine

1 minute @ 110 spm build up. 4 minutes tabatas (20w/10r - 180-190spm for work interval, ~80spm for rest interval) Followed by 3 minutes cool down ~90-100spm.

Slept 2 extra hours today and feel so much better. 4 1/2 hours a day wears ya down way too fast.

Rested Sunday too.

Warm Up

Jog 1/2 mile on treadmill @ 4.5mph pace


Warm up sets
1 - 70kg x 12
2 - 120kg x 10
Work Sets
1 - 180kg x 5
2 - 180kg x 5
3 - 180kg x 5
4 - 180kg x 5
5 - 190kg x 4 (I'm thinking maybe I should move up to 190kg to start next week and work sets of 3 - 5 reps instead of getting it in my head that I HAVE to do 5 reps per set.)

Glute-Ham Raise

1 - BW x 7 (first 5 were good - little to no cheat - last 2 were considerably harder)
2 - BW x 7 (same)
3 - BW x 6 (Tried a 7th, but it was all cheat on the way up, so I'm not counting it.)

DB Rows

1 - 105# x 5
2 - 105# x 5
3 - 110# x 5
4 - 110# x 5
5 - 115# x 5 (First 4 sets felt good, so I upped weight again. last set felt like form was seriously suffering. Go with 110# next week.)

Tabata Burpees

Ouch I was suckin wind hard after these.

Cool down

Was planning on spending a few minutes on the elliptical machine for a cool down, but ran out of time, Instead I just sweated my ass off in the truck most of the way home.

Yeah, I know this was supposed to be tomorrow, but I have to take my daughter to her 18-month checkup tomorrow which is scheduled for about an hour and a half after I should otherwise be in bed. So I'll be sleeping tomorrow and skipping the gym :icon_sad:
I figure I can do some light GPP-type stuff & BW exercises out here tomorrow, then do a regular conditioning workout Thurs, before squatting on Friday. Besides, I don't think I'm pressing enough weight still for it to matter too much. My numbers are still slightly on the side of rehab/recovery. Anyway, on to business:


Warm-up sets
1 - bar x 25
2 - 95# x 15
Work sets
1 - 135# x 5
2 - 145# x 5
3 - 155# x 3
4 - 155# x 4
5 - 155# x 2

Unilateral DB Bench Press

1 - 90# x 5 left/3 right
2 - 85# x 5/5
3 - 85# x 5/5
4 - 85# x 5/5
5 - 85# x 6/5

Incline DB Press

1 - 75# x 5
2 - 75# x 7
3 - 75# x 6

:redface:I tried to do some dips on that damn assistance machine and couldn't even hold myself in the up position with 115# assistance. The shoulder hurt like hell in that angle for some reason, so......I used a machine:icon_sad: I've always talked shit about how retarded this machine is too, so that made it worse. damn karma!

Dip Machine
(It was called a tricep pressdown, but same basic movement.) Just did some light weight/high reps for the shoulder.

1 - 115# x 25
2 - 130# x 20
3 - 130# x 20

No warm up, no cool down. It was a funky day in the gym for me.
Dammit, looks like this whole week is gonna be kinda screwy. My g/f just informed me that she has her annual check-up on Friday and her Dr is about an hour away. So I'm thinking I'll just do some light stuff out here (at work) tomorrow night and then do my Squat Day on Thursday. Kinda irritating when I can't even seem to get a schedule for something so simple to work.
Dammit, I know better than that.

My mom was in town for just today, so I missed some sleep to be sociable for a little bit with her and my nephews. As a result, I only got about 3 1/2 hours of sleep as opposed to my normal 4 1/2. (Not that that's an ideal amount for recovery anyway. :icon_neut)

Well, I reset my alarm to the time where I'd basically have time to get up, inhale my steel-cut oats & a quick shake, then head out the door to go do my squat day on the wrong day because, as mentioned above, my schedule is all fucked up this week.
Being extra tired when the alarm did go off, I hit snooze, and was therefore running behind from the beginning. Now as I'm driving to the gym, estimating the time I have to get my workout in, I decide that I'll just focus on back squats today. No zerchers, no fronts, no good mornings, nothing but back squats. And I'll just do 8 or 9 sets to make up for the lack of assistance exercises. Then as I get to the gym I figured I really didn't have time to screw around on the elliptical machine or the treadmill, I'll just do my 2 warm up sets of light weight and that should be enough to warm me up. (Did I mention <blink>STUPID</blink>?)

So here's how I started:

1 - 135# x 10. Really focused on form, and it really felt good. Weight on heels throughout, bend hips first, sit back not down, back straight, look straight ahead. Light, but good set.

2 - 225# x 10 Even better than the first set. I could really feel the posterior chain coming into effect and it felt really good

3 - 315# x 5 Excellent set. I could really feel everything like my form just clicked into place after working on it these last couple weeks

4 - 345# x 5 Again, feeling exceptionally good, and was even thinking how it's funny that sometimes when you have the hardest time motivating yourself to go to the gym, you can have the best workouts.

5 - 355# x 3 1/2 Here's where shit fell apart. Form was still good, still focusing on the form (Weight on heels throughout, bend hips first, sit back not down, back straight, look straight ahead.) Hit rep 3 and was feeling really strong, thinking about adding 10# to the next set and then as I started rep 4 my back just cramped up like a motherfucker. I didn't dump it, did about a half squat and re-racked it. I am not sure what happened, but my guess is that I was thinking too hard about the back straight part and tried too hard. It doesn't feel like I pulled it seriously, it's just really fuckin stiff. Went into the other room (empty aerobics room) to walk it off and stretch it out a little. No luck there. Went back out and couldn't even un-rack the 355#, so I pulled off some weight and did two more light sets before calling it a day.

6 - 225# x 8 Felt pretty stiff un-racking it, but once I started the reps it felt fine, no pain at all.

7 - 225# x 10 Same as above.

Took a contrast shower when I got home, had the g/f rub some Tiger Balm on it and felt pretty good. Then I sat in the truck for an hour while I drove out here to work and it's stiff as hell again. I'm pretty sure I just "hurt" it and didn't "injure" it, at least that's what I'm going to keep telling myself, hoping like hell I'm right.
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