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Tim Turner

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Jan 13, 2008
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I just wanted to extend a big thanks to all of the Ronin Grapplers everywhere!!!

Many of you are one of these guys or know someone who is. These are the guys that don't stick to just one style or school. Many are not privilaged enough to be able to train at a Gracie Barra or a similar academy because of money or where they live or many other obligations or sets of circumstances.

Others just want to see how good they are against guys from other schools or grappling disciplines. While some train at smaller fight clubs with no good wreslting or BJJ coaches and they are forced to learn on their own from books and DVDs or attend seminars they have to drive hours for and spend a fortune on. These guys are constantly testing out new techniques on game sparring partners or in competion to see what moves work best for them.

I for one started out this way. I am fortunate enough now to have a great BJJ instructor who is a Pedro Sauer black belt, but for a long time I was refining techniques with guys from many different styles at any place I could find to train at.

You guys are the backbone of the grappling community. No matter what belt you are or will be or never want/will get. You are always evolving and trying out new concepts and new ideas. Thank you for making our sport better!!!
Uhh sure buddy. I thank Eddie Bravo though.
Didn't Evan Tanner call himself a Ronin?
Spent 4 years, bouncing from Academies to Garage's, Gym's etc.. You name I probably rolled on it. If you love the sport, you love it. Ideally a gym to call home is awesome and I finally found one. Congrats on finding a place TT.
I hear you man I'm the same way. why stick to just one when you can create a super style?
Why? It's because the Ryan Hall Gameplan is the best out there.
this thread makes me happy :) i started as a H.S. wrestler and was introduced to BJJ by a friend on mine from college and i would attend some small classes with him then i joined a club at my college. and fromt here i networked with others. and i dont think people understand how hard it is when you have tons of bills and loans to pay for and cant be training at a nice gym. but i would also like to thank the contributing members of this specific forum because it helps, and continues to help me out. awesome
I train at many places too. I only stay at a gym for a few months before I want to switch again.

YeahBee, I'm not sure about Evan Tanner but I know Carlos Newton called himself Ronin for that reason I believe.
Thanks man. I got allot of love for my Instructor & and hes Always telling me to roll with anyone I can. Thanks TS for that
Go Ronin FTW
having a variety of instructors and training partners sounds cool, but what's the origin of the term "ronin"?
having a variety of instructors and training partners sounds cool, but what's the origin of the term "ronin"?

"Ronin" is a Japanese word that was used to refer to samurai that did not serve any particular lord. So essentially they were transient warriors who did not have any sworn loyalty to anyone.
thanks for the love player!!!

ill credit my roninism for getting me my first job in the sport as a instructor at xtreme couture..
I am all for loyalty to a good instructor but the variety of my training has paid dividend over the years.