Ronda Rouseys fighting style isn't ppv main event friendly.


Oct 18, 2007
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Her last fight was pretty exciting, but how many people are really willing to drop $60 bucks to she her get a first round armbar vs unknown fighter? She has no striking, and her GNP isn't anything amazing.

PBP for Rousey fight: Ronda goes for a throw, get the trip. Ronda falls into mount, Ronda wins by armbar.

even if she sells well her first few fights, how viable will she be
if all her fights look the same.
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I was thinking the same thing. If she fought like Cyborg she could be much bigger.
I think the bottom line is they should have had this as a Co Main Event
The reason I'm into MMA in the first place is the question of which martial art reigns supreme over the others, and I love seeing a true judo master like Rousey show off his technique.

I'm also highly into one trick poneys like Rousimar Palhares, Dan Henderson, Chael Sonnen and the such, and I love it when they show how a single serie of techniques, when properly trained, can work against a huge variety of different opponents from different style backgrounds.
Agree that you're not getting a lot if thats the only good fight, so they should probably put her on cards that are stacked. But you gotta admit, she's not going to detract from a card by having a long/boring fight. Cruz, GSP, even MM have put on really boring fights that waste peoples time.
Finishing opponents isn't paperview worthy?

are you even trying to understand where im coming from.

how many times are you willing to pay to watch ronda get a quick forst round amrbar? people like to get there moneys worth when they drop $60 on a ppv. Also a ton of casual fans want to see ko's
Women need to step it up so that her fights last more than 40 seconds. The instant armbar isn't very interesting, no matter how dominant she is.
Who buys cards just for the main event?
most people tap way before there arm snaps. how many ppvs can she really headline without changing up her fighting style? are you willing to drop 60 bucks to see a 1st round armbar every time?

I'm willing to drop 60 bucks to see a top-shelf co-main.

It wouldn't matter if she fought like Chun Li from Street Fighter. I'm not spending 60 dollars to watch women fight.
Do people REALLY think all she can do is an armbar? Bet she catches Liz in something else.
Casual fans love wrecking machines bro.

they love compelling fights.

back in the day people loved tyson, but felt ripped off after a lot of his ppv when he ko'd a guy with one punch in the first round.