Ronda and the Ricky Hatton syndrome

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by Tasar, Dec 31, 2016.

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    Hatton was a tough dude as a boxer. Simple brawling style, hard body puncher but not good boxing defence and took a lot of punishment with his come forward style. And he stuck with the trainer who brought him up until almost the end. Never made changes in his style and always was in hard fights where he somehow had to out-tough his opponent.
    It was just way too hard to get a new trainer who might have taught him the defensive part of the sweet science. It has to do with the deep relationship between fighter and trainer and how much the fighter feels he owes to the guy who brought him up and took him this far. Maybe it has to do with the trainer not being willing to let go the master pupil because he would lose the limelight (and money) himself. I have seen Arturo Gatti joining Buddy McGirt and completely changing his brawling style to a more defensive and tactical approach pretty successfully. Of course Ronda started her career out with her bred and butter with her judo. But when she knocked out an opponent, somehow Edmund (and later the media) made her out to be this boxing genius which she was not.
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    In some sense...Yes I could see how a different trainer would have changed her game slightly...but i think she was a 1 trick pony from the start. She wouldn't deviate from something shes done all her life, to now shooting for doubles and singles

    Not to mention, I feel she is limited physically. Short arms, stocky legs, her body isnt meant for fluidity. Its why she moves so awkward not to mention the cankles.

    She'd get beat by Holly and Nunes 10/10 times regardless of a new trainer or not
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    Hatton never made Rogan cry

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