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Roman Karmazin

Decent contender and former champion. Was robbed of his belt by corrupt judging in his fight with Corey Spinks.

Basically had his career ruined on the Jones v Trinidad undercard though, by a career jobber.
No typical bad judging could have managed to give Spinks the 12th round of that fight.
i didn't expect Bunema to wreck him in his last fight. He has shown to have a pretty decent chin in the past. Don't know what happened.
He got tired....because EVERY right hand that Bunema threw out there, landed smack bang on his whiskers. He just got worn down and when a chin cracks, it can break in pretty spectacular fashion.
Bunema's chin has been questionable in the past and I was expecting Kamazin to wreck him because he has a pretty good punch. Didn't expect it to happen to him.

Bunema's right did land consistently, but I didn't expect it to blow Roman away. It might be cumulative damage, but it happened quick from what I remembered.
It was cumulative damage. Thats the thing with punches that add up over time. Sometimes, you reach a point where its all too much and when you go, you go quick.
But the signs are rather noticeable when a guy is about to go out. Karmazin was still boxing Bunema quite well. He took rights all night, but he held up quite well and I don't remember seeing him wear down tremendously. I remember at one moment he was giving Bunema a boxing lession and then I turn round for second and look back. Then BOOM. He goes out.
They're not always noticable. Quite often it happens this way. Besides, you could see Karmazin was beginning to wilt as it was. I wasn't shocked when he went out, because Bunema was landing too often and too clean. Sooner or later, you're going to feel the effects of those blows.