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Rolling on grass...has anyone tried it?


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May 18, 2005
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Not that kind of grass? Although that would be interesting.

I mean actually rolling on grass. I was just thinking it would be cool to train grappling outside in a park the early evening, just thought it would be a refreshing change from the hot room we're all acoustomed to.

If anyone has tried it i'm curious how it went. I'm also wondering specifically how it would fly in central park in manhattan.

How cool would it be if you were walking through the park and saw a group of people practicing bjj?
hrm i thought about it once but i would get really really itchy from the grass/pollen and would be too worried about chiggers/mosquitos/ants making me tap rather then my opponent.
itching would be my main problem with it, and for some, the grass stains on gi's would be a problem.
Me & my friend take our mats out to his front yard. His neighbor's think we are wierd. But its pretty cool rolling outside instead of a room that smells like a gym locker.
I roll outside on grass a lot during the summer. Obviously I prefer mats, but since I'm not at school I don't have any available for use.

The itching is not very bad. Just shower afterwards. Grass is a lot harder than most mats, so you'll have to be careful. Make sure you don't roll onto a rock or a big stick and hurt yourself.

Everyone I know who has trained on grass has said it was an awesome experience. You won't want to do it on a regular basis, but it is a nice change every now and then.
its cool, my 2 friends came back from the marine corps, i show em my randy couture clinch takedowns dvd and frank shamrock advanced submissions dvd, so they were hyped and we went outside to roll on the grass, it was cool cept my grass gives us hella cuts on our arms/knees/shoulders and etc
i wrestled with my friend on grass, theres always some patches of roughness and u can get scabs. the ground is obviously harder than mats too. i didn't like the experience, ended up with a nice scab, nice and long, but very shallow. didn't hurt but looked cool!
me and my buddies had to train on grass since we didn't have the funds to train bjj at the time but it was still a good learning experience. if you have a pair of sweats and a sweater it shouldn't be all that bad just be careful for rocks and make sure it's a good area of grass....we use to roll at the city central park which isn't really clean. if you know sombody who has a nice back yard i'd suggest that cuz you at least know what is in the ground. i've rolled on carpet to(use sweats).
Me and my friends get into submission wrestling matches on grass fairly often. It's not too bad (provided it is not too wet), although you don't want to get slammed onto it too hard. Grass stains and itchiness are a couple more drawbacks to grappling on grass. It's also a good idea to make sure that the area you are going to be grappling in doesn't have any large/sharp rocks or sticks that you or your partner could hurt yourselves on.
I sometimes roll outside on grass with a friend, with a gi, wassn't a problem really...only had to wash the Gi:p
ahhh sweater and sweats I didn't think of that one good call.
The few times that I've done it have been OK. After a while, I get so into that I forget how hard the ground is.
rolling on grass is good, its good to get outside once and awhile. feels the same as with a mat
i sometimes get a huge tarp, and lay it on the grass because the grass gets you really itchy
hmmm central park :-/ make sure you post signs before you guys sparr. However, i think conditioning outside is a plus because you're in a different environment.
I used to wrestle on the School field every breaktime for years as a kid, and i'm sure I had some"freindly fights" with some friends on grass when I was a little older in Highschool - this was long before I had any clue about BJJ and rolling mind, but it never did me any harm.

Doubt my mam was too pleased when I came home covered in grass stains mind you.
I go into anaphylactic shock and come home covered with hives and bug bites.

Before me and my friends had a place, we rolled in my backyard. It kinda blows unless it's a very well-manicured surface. Like a putting green or something.

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