Roger Gracie Interview (from Tatame)

Roger Gracie - Well, once again, I am defeated due to a refereeing mistake. I didn't suffer a takedown. Anyone who knows the rules would never score a takedown. Even Ronaldo Jacar
thanks for the interview. roger has been more positive about mma in other interviews - but this one was kinda a bummer. i really want to see him in mma.
agreed 100% about the fight with Jacare. It wasn't a takedown.
It wasn't a takedown, but oh well, that happens sometimes. He should just get over it and look to the future.
scorcho said:
It wasn't a takedown, but oh well, that happens sometimes. He should just get over it and look to the future.

The guy has been robbed of victory twice in the absolutes of the world championships due to dodgy reffing (he busted Jacare's arm last year and as the referee didn't disqualify Jacare for running away for the remainder of the fight he won on points; this year he lost points for a takedown that didn't see him actually go to the ground inside the designated matspace and Jacare stalled the remainder of the fight by pulling guard so he once again won on points). Unsurprisingly it bothers him. I doubt Olympians that get second place after having worked so hard only to lose out due to questionable refereeing are as quick to write off their losses either.
While I agree that it wasnt a takedown, I was watching the match and felt that Jacacre should have gotten an advantage for when he almost passed Roger's guard. That would've still given Jacare the match I believe. You can hardly say that you've "beaten" someone when you win on something as small as Jacare did in the match. Roger may not have lost, but he didnt win either.
I think the ref should've disqualified Jacare for running but I do think if that wall wasn't there then he would've taken him down. I don't know but that wall saved him from being taken down.
That's why I like Rickson Gracie's new org. Where you get awarded for submission attempts and you lose on doing nothing. So most fights have alot of action and ends with submission. I hate watching two great grapplers "go at it", get a takedown and then ride the fight out to win by points. That's... BJJ blasphemy.