Rogan During the Leben Fight


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Aug 29, 2012
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Only commenting on how tired Brunson is...when Leben looks like he was in slow motion from the very beginning of the fight.

Saying stuff like 'will Lebens punches be ineffective in round 3?'.........they were ineffective since the start of round 1 for god sake.

Leben looked even worse than Brunson, but Rogan just refused to see it.

It took him until the end of round 3 to even acknowledge that Leben was tired.......just awful bias.
he said Chris looked in slow motion, shut up
Do they go to the stripclub together?

Rogan was trying hard to lure us into believing Leben had a gameplan.
that fight was embarrassing... it will be fighter bashing if i continue to talk....
He started to realize in the 3rd that Leben was done. But he was done in the 2nd.
Pathetic how two UFC MWs can't go a round without gassing
terrible guy with the red hair , aint ufc calibur at all. cant even land a punch on a guy breathing harder than rogans wife
He said it about Leben too, just later in the fight. He said Leben looks like hes walking in sand.
so what with all the leben training hard and him being ripped go

what went wrong tonight for him

seemed like he was working hard
Leben was out for too long and I think it's obvious that Brunson had an adrenaline rush he was in the second round more tired than in the last and he also had only like 2 weeks to prepare for the fight
Pathetic how two UFC MWs can't go a round without gassing

amen... Im not a fighter but if ur in the biggest fighting organization on earth and cant go 1round its not cool
He was no doubt very biased in favor of Leben. Having said that I don't see how anyone can not subconsciously root for Leben when Brunson was either running away or laying n praying for 80% of the fight.
Pathetic how two UFC MWs can't go a round without gassing

Brunsen got excited and had an adrenaline dump, leben had a case of the holy shit this giant wrestler is on top of me and i have to bust my ass to get out now im tired as fuck and feel like death.

that fight was ass