Rippetoe's and Conditioning


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Jun 16, 2006
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I'm a beginner that is wanting to start Rippetoe's program. I was wondering if I would run the risk of overtraining if I work conditioning work on two of my off days. I know that the program says not to add any extra days, but didn't know if this applied to adding additional conditioning sessions or if it jsut means to not lift any other days. Thanks
Provided these conditioning workouts aren't done at vomit inducing intensity and aren't ridiculously long and that you're eating enough I don't see a problem there. Some conditioning or GPP on days 2 and 4 may actually help recovery.
As a beginner you might overtrain, but try it out and see how you feel. Get some ZMA to get better sleep and recovery and as long as you're not destroying yourself on conditioning days, you'll be fine.
I really don't see a problem with putting in cardio work on your off days, in some cases it would help as an active recovery for the days... I'd test it out and see how you feel.
Thanks for the replies guys. So what it sounds like is for a fat, out of shape POS like myself, I should put away my copy of Never Gymless for the time being, and do something a little less intense....

Again, thanks for the help and any other suggestions are appreciated.
It's not an all-or-nothing proposition. Start walking for 45 minuts or an hour on your off days. If you want to do something more intense, try it and see whether you're able to recover.
Rippetoe more or less advises doing straight SS for a while (while you're still getting the big 'ol beginners gains). When your gains start to slow down a bit, adding a day of GPP on SATURDAY is fine. After doing this for a while, if it does not interfere with recovery, consider adding another day of GPP on say, Tuesday.

Anything more than this is too hard to recover from.

He likes the Crossfit girls - partiularly Cindy - on the GPP days. Similar Enamait stuff would also work great.
My biggest goal is to drop some fat. I would like to lose some weight, but if I stay at the same weight without the fat, then I would be ok with that.

I figure that using this should help me gain some strength at the same time, which is a plus.