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Ringside Free-Standing Heavy Bag with Thai attachment?


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Oct 16, 2005
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I was thinking about getting the Ringside Free-Standing Heavy Bag along with the Ringside Thai-Attachment for Free-Standing Heavy Bag because I cannot hang a heavybag in my house.

I do Muay Thai and I am thinking this is my only other option. I realise there is a Wavemaster version of this that is unreliable and shitty, but this being from Ringside I trust it, and that these types of bags creep but I can deal with that.

What do you guys think?


Also there is a vid of it in action in the link for the Bag.
STEVEX...I have used the RINGSIDE FREE STANDING HEAVY BAG before. In my opinion...it is NOT a good bag to develop punching or kicking power. WHY? When u hit it...it springs back and forth like a double end bag...so it does not absorb your KICKs or PUNCHEs. DO NOT get the wavemaster. There is the POWERLINE version which is double the size of the wavemaster...I have used that for THAI boxing kicks...the only problem is once your kicks get too strong it will penetrate the foam and hit the plastic tube. Here's the bag I'm talking about. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0002GS53Q/dealtime-sg-ret-20/ref=nosim/104-7201245-0200742
the Thai attachment is soild for kicking power...however all freestanding bags blow...but if i had to buy one i would get the ringside one.
I've used the Everlast, Ringside, Fairtex, Century, Spar Pro, and one other freestanding bag...over all the Fairtex "pole" bag was the best, second would be Ringsides.
Has anyone had any experience installing a pole bag and could comment on how difficult it was to install, e.g. the Fairtex Pole Bag?

Was it expensive to have someone help mount, install and do the pole wielding for you?

Thanks for any information and insight you could offer! :icon_chee