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Jul 26, 2007
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This is a review for Rival's RHG-PRO boxing headgear. There have been quite a few headgear discussions on the boards that brought up this particular item, but I don't believe there are any formal reviews so I hope this helps!

I purchased the headgear from Title Boxing's website. Here is a link:

Rival High Performance Training Headgear | Rival Headgear | MMA Headgear | MMA Equipment, Supplies and Apparel from Title Boxing

You can also purchase it directly from Boxing equipment at Rival Boxing Gear - gloves, shoes, apparel, MMA - however please note that they are located in Canada and International shipping can be quite pricey, hence my reason for going through Title.

It's a pricey item, but I believe in quality equipment, especially when the equipment is meant to protect your face/head/brain etc.

Ok, on to the pics!



PERFORMANCE: The headgear works without a hitch. It's very easy to put on, adjust on the fly if needed, and take off. During sparring, it doesn't shift at all and feels very firmly set in place on the head and face. It allows for excellent vision as well, and I don't feel even slightly impaired as far as being able to see in front and to the periphery. The padding is nice and thick, and it seems to offer a great deal of protection.

COMFORT: I can't say enough about how comfortable this is to wear. The material on the inside is "suede-like" I guess you could say. It is soft, non-abrasive, and it is slightly squishy so as to contoure to the shape of your face.

FITTING: This was a place of concern for me when picking out headgear. In researching different types of headgear, I noticed that some of the sizing schemes didn't really make any sense, such as sizing by bodyweight and whatnot. Fortunately, on Rival's website (Title's doesn't have this), they spell out the sizing in actual centimeters of head circumference. My head measured 58.42 cm, which is just over the medium size mark, and just under the large size mark. I decided to just get the mediums, as I figured they would be adjustable enough to attain the proper fit. I was right! The headgear fits me perfectly. As you can hopefully see from the photos, there are several adjustable velcro straps on the back and top. The velcro on the left and right sides in the back can both be adjusted the same way, giving you the ability to really make accurate adjustments. The chin strap closes through a buckle which can then be hidden behind a piece of leather during sparring.

OVERVIEW: All in all, I am extremely happy and satisfied with this headgear. During sparring I feel like it protects me well, stays in place, and I like the looks of it too. The two tone color scheme is great, and for those of you that might like something different, Rival makes a traditional style headgear as well.

I hope this review was helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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I have the exact same one. I love how it never shifts for me even after getting hit. The guys I spar with uses the clubs headgear and it shifts a lot after getting hit in the head.I like how when I get hit Im right back on the my guy coming right back at him. Never having to worry about the headgear is great.
that Rival headgear looks really comfortable....suede!

great review
I have the same headgear and i have to say that is outstanding. it is very adjustable and fits like a glove.

I'm in the market for headgear and I think I got it narrowed down a bit. How's the visibility with this?
I ordered this headgear and the rival mma sparring gloves. I returned both after seeing the crappy quality of the gloves. The head gear looked quality, but after seeing the gloves I didn't want to risk it. The gloves were garbage. I doubt anything they sell is worth the price.

I ended up ordering the KOfightgear head gear.
excellant head gear....I own one of those and a Green Hill. Both are top notch.
They also have facesavers too from rival

Yeah and it would be great if we had a review of those. I am between the R2C, the Cleto Reyes and the Rival one but I would like to have a review first before I decide.