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Review: Revgear Spartan Pro High Performance Fight Shorts

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Reviews' started by Punishment1320, Jul 20, 2010.

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    Review: Revgear Spartan Pro High Performance Fight Shorts | MMA Gear Advice

    Per Manufacture-Revgear Spartan Pro High Performance Fight Shorts. The most technical fight short on the market!

    *High performance two way stretch fabric body with four way stretch gusset.
    *5″ side slit with reinforced stress points for high kicking.
    *Antimicrobial treated and water repellent.
    *Hook and loop enclosure with drawstring.


    First Impression- When I first saw these I have to say the styling was kind of bland, but they still looked like high quality shorts. I have never used a Revgear pair of shorts before so did not really know what to expect.

    Construction- The construction of these shorts is top notch. Very few loose threads, and everything is either double or triple stitched. These shorts have a fairly standard hook and loop closure system with a drawstring. They have a fitted waist which sometimes I find to be annoying, but not too bad on this pair. The shorts are made in China. There are quite a few logos on these shorts as you can see. Some are embroidered and some are screen printed on the shorts. They have a small split seam and have stretch panel in the inside of the leg. The material itself is a 2 ways stretch and the shorts are made 100% out of polyester. They also have a small pocket on the inside of the waistband.

    Fit- For these shorts I first picked up a 32. While the fit was good I felt like I might be better off getting a 30. Well that was what I ended up doing and the 30 fit perfectly. Once the closure system was fastened and the drawstring was tied these shorts fit nice and tight on my waist. There was very little shifting or riding up. These shorts are mid length and go just past the top of my knee. These shorts feel a little heavier than some, but it also makes them feel very durable. They fit of these short is very good just make sure that you have the right size, and I would say when in doubt go a size smaller than normal. Something that I did really like about them is they place the fold over part of the closure system farther down. I liked this because sometimes the velcro can rub against my stomach and cause irritation and with this pair this is not an issue.


    Stand Up- When I used these for any sort of stand up they worked great. They stayed snug around my waist, without any ride up. The stretch panel allowed them to have plenty of range of motion. The split seam in these is smaller than most shorts so I really did not feel like it made any difference. These shorts also did not shift much around my waist which was a surprise to me as most shorts that have a fitted waistband tend to shift. The length of these shorts is just right and did not get in the way or cause any sort of binding up. I had no trouble with any sort of technique in these shorts.

    Ground- On the ground these shorts work well. They are very comfortable. I did not have any problems with performing any sort of technique. There was more shifting here than there was when using them for stand up but nothing too bad. They did still manage to stay fairly snug around my waist. The legs of them also had a tendency to ride up while on my back. Had plenty of range of motion, and did not bind up when on my back.



    *Snug Fit once you get the correct size



    *Bland Styling


    Overall- These are a good pair of shorts. They do exactly what they are suppose to do. If you like the styling and get the sizing down these may be the shorts for you. These are shorts that I can recommend especially if you are looking for a pair not everyone has. You can pick them up for right around $50. While they are not my favorite shorts, they will remain in my rotation.

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