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review my diet


Feb 12, 2005
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just need some advice on my diet to see if its ok

when i wake up i have a cup of green tea and some bananas
then when im driving to work i will have a protein bar
i take 3 wholegrain pitta breads, 250g of chicken and some vegetables.
i will spread that throughout my work day into three meals
i will have another protein bar driving home from work
i have a piece of cod with brown rice and some veggies and a cup of green tea
i then go training and have a caffeine drink
after training i have a protein bar straight away
when i get in i have some veggies and go to bed

any advice?
for fucks sake
is ther any improvement people could suggest?
Looks good to me man, but I'm no expert. Although, it seems like you dump a HUGE amount of money per month buying all the protein bars and caffeine drinks.

One thing I can reccomend is to drink at least a gallon of water a day, I just fill up a milk jug in the sink, and take it with me everywhere, not too hard to finish that thing off before lunch. Anyway, good luck to you man, and that cod with brown rice made me hungry. >.<
Scrap the protein bar after training and replace it with either a good protein shake or real protein like chicken, fish or tuna.

I prefer a protein shake with a banana, strawberries, and a cup of lowfat yogurt or cottage cheese.