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Review: Aries Pro MMA Gloves *Pics*

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Reviews' started by ASEGSEA, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. ASEGSEA Guest

    Review: Aries Pro MMA Gloves

    Key points before the review:
    1.) I will update through the months. This initial review is written Friday, July 30, 2010.
    2.) Feel free to request other information bits or pictures of different angles or distance. This is fun for me, so providing detail is part of the fun.

    Features, Pricing, & Reasons for Buying
    The primary reason for my purchase was that Aries Fightgear (Ariesfightgear) got on the Sherdog forums and offered the gloves at $35 shipped. Since I was in the market for MMA training gloves I figured $35 wasn't a bad risk. I wanted the gloves for their thick injected mold foam (IMF) padding, the T-bar, and because they looked cool in the picture. My review will be tested against Aries description of the gloves, along with what I personally wanted from an MMA glove --things like comfort, style, longevity, and versatility.

    The gloves are $49.95 + $9ish S&H = near $60. Depending on the quality of Aries IMF the glove could last anywhere from a few months to a few years. This is the first of their creation, so there is no way to test longevity just yet.
    (Aries Pro MMA gloves)

    Aries describes the gloves as featuring:
    -Unique lateral grip across the palm (T-bar in my review), provides getter grip for punching power
    -Cross-directional under-strap, provides better wrist support
    -Single piece of IMF technology provides just enough density for bagwork, but padding for sparring
    -Top grade, soft tanned cowhide leather construction for durability and comfort
    -Soft stretchable inner lining for smooth and comfortable fit.
    -Enclosed leather edges throughout the glove to prevent any rough edges that cause abrasions.
    -Extended cuff design for additional wrist support.


    Ordering & Customer Service
    I ordered the gloves via phone and the lady on the other line was very friendly. One of the most important aspects of an investment for me is customer service. Ordering was hassle free due to the friendly service. A+ here: important aspect MET.

    Initial Impressions / Construction
    I got the gloves probably 6 days after my order. Not bad for free shipping. Aries packed them into a box with plenty of room (anyone else hate getting gear that's smashed into a box with barely enough room?). After opening the box up I took one look at the gloves and realized: these things are BIG. Compared to my UFC MMA gloves and my Title MMA gloves, the Aries looked like a huge boxing glove. Initially, I was worried that they'd be too big to roll with since they'd be like trying to spar with sockem boppers. Obviously bag/mitt work would be fine with such a thick layer of padding, but I didn't think pummeling and grappling would be too smooth. Read on to the training and protection section for how the glove did. Here they are compared to my 10oz Fairtex bag gloves




    I got my gloves in blue just because I thought they looked schnazzy. And the gloves do look schnazzy in person. I do have to make a complaint against the Aries logo: the yellow logo is already peeling at the corners. It's definitely not ink-injected into the glove, nor is it embroidered.


    The glove itself does feel like strong quality, but the logo started to slightly peel at the edges. It wasn't much, but definitely not something you want when you first pull your new gloves out of a box. This of course does not affect the performance of the glove, but it is a slight drawback.
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  2. ASEGSEA Guest

    Fit & Feel
    I enjoy wearing these gloves and find excuses in the studio to wear them.


    With the extra velcro wrist strap they're tight and comfy. Honestly, I thought the extra velcro strap was gimmicky since I didn't think it'd really serve a purpose. Maybe it's just a placebo effect, but they feel tight on me without being TOO tight.


    The T-bar is similar to the Hyabusa's MMA gloves' Y-bar, and I really do prefer the T-bar. I've tried different styles of palm-covering MMA gloves and find the Aries T-bar is my new favorite. With the T-Bar the glove is breathable, it pulls the exterior in closer to your hand you can get a good grip on a closed fist, and it feels natural.
    I bought a medium pair as Aries claims you won't need Thai wraps for these. I am wary of wearing gloves without them, so hopefully the thick padding and T-bar will keep my hands protected.
    I'm not a super sweaty guy so I can't test the slip-grip factor of the gloves when wet.

    Between the T-bar and the finger-wrapping leather, I can easily make and keep a fist:


    I can put my hand down on the ground with my entire palm touching.

    I can open and close my fingers.

    Training & Protection
    The worries of the gloves being to big to pummel were disbanded after two weeks of training. I haven't yet done extensive bag work, but these things are suitable for mitts for sure. I would never recommend IMF mold for bag work as the bag will densify (??) the foam. The extra padding, the extra wrist protection, and the solid grip you get from the T-bar all together make a great combination of support for your punching power needs.
    As long as the velcro straps overlaps itself completely, then they will stay on during your rolling sessions. We did multiple rolling sessions and technique drills and the gloves never unraveled themselves.

    These gloves are perfect for sparring when boxing gloves aren't used and when you want the feel of MMA competition gloves. I use these at my home gym to spar friends. Between the Bayflex headguard and the IMF in these gloves, you can go at eachother without feeling a headache the next day. Thus far, out of the varying MMA gloves I've used, the Aries are my favorite for simulating the cage in a safer way.

    The Quick and Dirty
    *These gloves are badass because of the fit
    *The leather and stitching seems top-notch
    *IMF does work and keeps your knuckles padded and your opponents faces pretty
    *The T-bar is a great design, lets you grip tighter it seems
    *The price isn't too bad at $50
    *Aries seems like a company dedicated to quality and stands by their stuff, so if the glove breaks too soon I'm sure they'll not only offer a return, but will work to address any design flaws.
    *Mitt work and light sparring the glove is great
    *IMF mold suitable for bag work, however is best used for sparring
    *The perfect choice for sparring when training/safety boxing gloves are not an option

    Closing & Comments to the Creator
    Thus far, I do highly recommend these gloves. The fit, the quality, the padding, and the look all compliment the gloves overall design. The glove stays on my hands, keeps them protected, and look good while doing so. The IMF mold is my choice for sparring as you can go to town on someone without them feeling it later. I feel these traits showcase Aries' dedication to innovation, quality, and customer care. With that in mind, or $60 shipped the gloves may be too expensive for the entry level trainee, but for anyone looking for a quality, comfortable and stylish training glove, then Aries may be your choice for future gear needs.

    Aries requested to provide a full review, including constructive criticism on making the glove better. The qualms I have with the glove are:
    -The logo. If you're going to create a top-quality glove the you want your name representing that piece of equipment. The logo peeled only a little at the corner, but it's definitely not something you want to happen. I like where it's at in the center as the yellow compliments the blue.
    -Price: $60 shipped seems out of range for some in the entry/mid-range users. Logically, the glove is $20 less than the Hayabusa Fightwear Training Gloves, and due to the Aries IMF mold, this glove could be the perfect option for someone wanting a quality sparring glove without reaching up in the $90's.

    Aries Pro MMA gloves
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  3. ASEGSEA Guest

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  4. ASEGSEA Guest

    There it is folks: three full posts of the Aries Pro MMA gloves. Feel free to ask any questions about them or request pics.
  5. dat1978 Brown Belt

    Jan 22, 2007
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    thanks for taking the time. only thing i'm wondering about is the amount of space i still see in the palm and also at the openings of the fingers. i just wonder if they would be too loose on my hands. i have "average" hands i guess at 5'8" tall.
  6. ASEGSEA Guest

    That was a big concern of mine too. I'm 5'9 150, so my hands obviously won't fill a glove that big. However, the stays nice and stable due to three factors:

    1.) the finger wrapping leather
    2.) the T-bar
    3.) the two velcro straps

    This combination allows such a big glove to stay firm even on an average sized hand like ours. The glove doesn't shift when being hit, nor does it move when grappling.
  7. dat1978 Brown Belt

    Jan 22, 2007
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    this picture here is what i was concerned about. look at all that space, especially with the little finger.

    anyway, since you say they are stable and we are about the same size i will probably give them a try when i go to buy. there's one other company i'm looking at, but can't remember the brand right now......oh well, its between the two, but they are highly recommended too.

    edit: ok, figured it out. i heard these are good. MMA Gloves For Training and Events
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  8. ASEGSEA Guest

    Yeah, the glove fits me fine so no worries.

    The Prime's look cool. If you're going for training/sparring then I'd definitely recommend the Aries due to the IMF being thicker, and better overall padding.
  9. ASEGSEA Guest

    In response to the space issue, I've taken some pics of my UFC MMA gloves. These MMA gloves I feel are fit to the exact specifications of my hand since they cover my hand perfectly when relaxed. I feel like it were any smaller then it would be constraining.


    Notice how much room there is between on the back of the palm and on top of the fingers. These gloves don't slip on me (this doesn't make the gloves themselves perfect, however). If anything the space makes the gloves breathable in the back and in the finger area.
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  10. dat1978 Brown Belt

    Jan 22, 2007
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    Well I received the gloves early today and ran through a few drills with a friend and would like to give my initial impressions of the gloves. Before I talk about the gloves let me say that I had a very easy time with the customer service ordering the gloves.

    Initial Impressions: Look and Construction
    Law Bob mentioned this in his review as well, but when I opened the box I was a little surprised at how HUGE these things look. This is not a negative, however, just an observation when compared to other mma gloves. I ordered the blue color and I’m glad I did. Personally I think the blue is very sharp as did others at my gym. I like the contrasting yellow of the logo, and unlike Bob's pair my logos were not peeling although I can see how they will rub off with a little use. I also like the look of the silver thread used for the 2nd logo on the wrist strap. Overall, very cool looking gloves and for those that don't like to have look-a-like gear with others at the gym (like me) these will be perfect.

    On to the construction. The leather used for the gloves is nice and soft and together with the lining of the gloves make for a very solid feeling glove. One minor complaint was a 1.5 inch scratch in the blue leather on the top of one of the gloves. This won't hurt performance, but I’d have preferred to be the one to have damaged the gloves rather than have them arrive that way. Strong Velcro is used on the wrist straps and gives a nice secure fit around the wrist, especially with the dual straps. I will come back to this dual strap design later. The stitching looks top notch as well all around the gloves. No gaps at the seams and no loose strings except for one spot, the stitched Aries logo. There are numerous strings on the "a" and "r" that were pulled up from snagging something I think. It's on the same glove as the scratch so they probably came from the same source.

    Fit and Feel
    Ok, first let me say that this is not really an issue with the gloves themselves, but I think that Aries would really benefit from offering at least one more glove size. That size being small. I am 5’8”, 150ish lbs and by no means have small hands, not big hands either. Very much average as far as I can tell. I ordered mediums and for the most part the gloves fit fine, but I think the size is just the tiniest bit too big for me. And I mean the tiniest little bit. However, that little difference I notice once I get moving and drilling. The gloves feel just a hair too long, for instance, if I post my hand with my palm flat on the ground then the palm and front portion of the glove is forced forward towards my fingertips. That little bit makes it more difficult to make a good fist without first shoving my hand back into the glove and adjusting.

    I messed around with it a bit, adjusting the tightness of the straps, and tried to see what was going on and what I see is basically the portion of the glove that is supposed to bend with the wrist is actually too far back and up too far on my forearm. The padding on the back of the hand extends over my wrist and, therefore, anytime I bend my hand the glove is forced forward and I have to adjust. Basically this would be fixed with a smaller size.

    Law Bob, I looked at your pics again and in comparison its looks like you have slightly bigger hands than me so the mediums probably work better for you.

    Alright, the size issue aside, I want to comment on how great these gloves feel on the hand. The IMF foam is very comfortable. These gloves have very nice padding over the knuckles, fingers and the back of the hand. Felt great hitting the pads and, a little to my surprise, didn’t interfere much at all with pummeling or other grappling related moves. The T-strap and leather around the fingers is a great system and allows you to make a nice tight fist while keeping the glove well conformed to your hand without sacrificing the breathability of the gloves. The biggest compliment for the glove actually is the soft rounded leather piping that covers the edges of the glove. You ever get a new pair of gloves and the edges dig into your palm and fingers? Sometimes you can break them in, and other times it’s just the design of the gloves. With the Aries gloves, however, both the T-strap design and the nice and soft rounded leather edges make the gloves great to put on. Very, very comfortable.

    The dual strap system works nicely. What I really like is that the inner strap is made of elastic. That means I can get it fairly tight, but never really too tight since there is some give. The leather outer strap just secures everything down and helps to give wrist support. It’s a very simple and effective closure system.

    So I guess the question really comes down to whether or not I would recommend these gloves or not. My own sizing issues aside, the answer is a definite yes.

    Aries Fight Gear has already confirmed that they are expanding the size range in approx. 4 weeks with small and extra-larges sizes. With that issue addressed I can’t find anything to really complain about as far as the performance and construction of the gloves go. Nice design and color, leather looks and feels quality, nice IMF foam protection, the T-strap feels natural and very comfortable, and supportive wrist closure. Overall a great mma glove and at $60 with shipping they are the right price for a quality mma glove imo.

    With some time with them I'll try to come back and comment on the durability, but initial thoughts are that they will be great.

    Oh and sorry for the lack of pictures, but I thought Law Bob pretty much covered that.

    PS - Aries Fight Gear, if you read this maybe you'd be willing to do an exchange for the smalls when they come out :)
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  11. ASEGSEA Guest

    Nice review Dat. These are definitely my favorite gloves to spar with. I use these with my TopTen Bayflex headguard and I don't feel a thing, nor does my partner.

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