Resting & Training


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Mar 15, 2005
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OK, so I got this 3 Day Split from Carnal Salvations post..

Day one: Deadlifts
Deadlifts 5X5
Stiff Legged Deadlifts 3-4X5-8
Bent Over Barbell Rows 4X6
Shrugs 3-4X6-12

Day Two: Bench
Bench Press 5X5
Skull Crushers 3-4X6-8
Overhead Press (seated, standing, dumbbells or barbells) 3-4X6-8
DB Bench Press 3X8-12
Add in an assistance lift for what you consider your weakest area

Day Three: Squats
Squats 5X5
Front Squats 3-4X6
Whatever ham/lowback/quad assistance you?d like, but keep it limited

I was wondering what kind of rest I need after each day? I usually go one day in, one day off, should I take two off after Deadlifts? Should I be training more than 3 times a week?

I know rest is most important but it seems like the days I don't work out and I just eat like a maniac I feel fat and stuff, but the days I work out I feel godly.
train three days a week can call it done. MWF works well for most people. go for a jog a couple days a week, and do some interval training or hill sprints or something on the others.
One thing, is that it seems for most folks, going DEADLIFT 3 days rest SQUAT 2 days rest DEADLIFT 3 days rest etc. works best. The heavy pulling routines I do and have other people do tend to take a lot of gas out of the tank. If ya do it right.
What kinda rest are we looking at in between each of these sets. I know i should know this and i usually rest for about 1:30-2min between heavy sets but is that too short for a load heavy program like this?
What do you guys think? I time my rests using a stop watch so if you say 2min then I make sure it's 2 min.